Monday, January 11, 2010

Designers I Love: Lázaro Rosa-Violán of Contemporain Studio

I can't talk. I am busy obsessing.

All credit goes to Paloma of La Dolce Vita blog for finding this magnificent talent. In preparing for her trip to Spain, Paloma discovered Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán who is most known for his design of boutique hotels and restaurants. Based in Barcelona, he leads the design group Contemporain in creating "rich and beautiful interiors that, although meticulously contrived, carry an air of 'lived-in' spontaneity." Um, yes please. As soon as I saw Paloma's Style Profile post, I spent the next twenty minutes or so scrolling up and down, gazing at the photos, taking in the impeccable attention to detail highlighted in each of his masterpieces. I commented that her Rosa-Violán feature was one of my favorite blog posts of all time. And in case there is a teeny chance you don't read La Dolce Vita and didn't see the chorus of photographs she featured, I am sharing a few of my favorites right here, right now.

You're welcome.

(also pictured above)
Imagine getting called into that conference room.
Can I even call that a conference room? I don't know. It just feels wrong.
Lunch break on the veranda? I'll join you.



Madrid restaurant

Barcelona restaurant

all photos from Lazaro Rosa-Violan

Thanks again, Paloma, for introducing me to such talent!


  1. Makes me want to go back to Spain right this second! Gorgeous images!

  2. Wow those rooms are amazing! I love how he does the black & white contrast in so many of the rooms. I think this is a new favorite of mine!!

    Thanx. :)

  3. that library is enviable. he has stunning taste....great find!

  4. Oh la la, thanks for the introduction! I'm adding nearly every one of these images to my design archive. They're amazing! I want to visit each and every place in person. If only...sigh.
    XX Kate



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