Friday, January 8, 2010

If my last name was Trump, I'd have a wedding like this.

When it comes to wedding decor, I am about as picky as it gets. Why? Because they are all. the. same. You take the same ingredients, always in the same order, add some different flowers and different faces, and poof - you have a wedding. I know I sound like the Grinch Who Stole Weddings. And that's probably true. A wedding needs to be pretty extraordinary to catch my eye. And today, I am going to show you one that did. I've looked at Lilian Haidar's photos of this Orvieto, Italy wedding time and time again. I can't quite fathom the budget this couple had at their disposal, but boy did they get it right. Set among the ruins of some medieval castle/winery/utopia, it's gorgeous yet unpretentious, elegant and simple, different but the same. And I love it. Here's why:

Let's start with the first ingredient.

the rehearsal dinner
pinks and oranges - I just adore this cheery color combo! So much so that I decorated my freshman dorm room at Syracuse in this dynamic duo.
and yes, I'll take one of whatever you're pouring.
we've all seen and enjoyed the newly popular candy buffets.
but have you seen candy displayed in burlap sacks on a market cart?
didn't think so.
ahh i love it i love it.
so I'm not exactly sure where this took place... some perfectly romantic cavern obviously. doesn't really matter. it's pretty remarkable. but again, nothing too stuffy. wooden folding chairs, paper lanterns, and an orange polka-dotted table runner keep things casual.

wedding ceremony
simple, understated elegance
I can tell she's beautiful even without a head.
and then there's the view
are you kidding me?

post-ceremony cocktail hour
hors d'oeuvres on the grounds

dinner reception
white pillar candles... mmm mmm good...
bentwood chairs. very nice.
And finally, I love the blue & yellow. I think this soft color palette creates a simple and relaxed tone, versus a more stark contrasted color combination or excessive use of golds or blacks.

and that's my two cents on that.

Have a great weekend, dear readers!
I think I'll have a lil' somethin' somethin' going up this weekend so check back.


  1. How simple and gorgeous! I would have loved to be a guest that wedding!

  2. Are you sending D.O.D (aka Dear Old Dad) a message??? If so I hope you don't plan on getting married until 2020....:-) OBTW (aka Oh by the way) Congrats on the reaching 200 posts!! What a fabulous milestone and journey you are on...keep it up it's a great way to start my day. Love ya baby girl.

  3. You are spot on! They do tend to be quite samey, but this one is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Stunning, although with a setting like this one how can you really go wrong? Love the cave, the candy bar with the sacks...just gorgeous.

  5. It's fabulous...can't imagine having the budget to wed in Italy. I have found several places when visiting in Tuscany that would be worthy of a stunning wedding.

    I agree on the candy bar, this one is very creative.

  6. Nice! I especially liked the big bouquets of greenery tied to the chairs going down the aisle. It's a far cry from the white lattice and white Christmas lights I often see :) Ugh.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Made my day :)

  7. I love when people have good taste and money! This wedding is just stunning.

  8. Wow- amazing. I've been to Orvieto....gorgeous, picturesque Italian town!

  9. Wowza. I am a major wedding snob and these photos show me that there is still hope for non-tacky yet still romantic weddings.
    But can you imagine the bride describing the rehearsal dinner to the invitees? "Yeah, it's in this like, um, cave thing? Like, under rocks and stuff? I mean, you kind of have to see it to get the idea." I can imagine the whisperings behind her back.

  10. I think I'm completely in love with the market cart and burlap sacks with edibles. Goodness! I may have to figure out how to use that in my daily life lol seriously, that's cool.

  11. So pretty, simple, and original. The candy cart is a fun presentation, too. I once did a dessert cart at a mountain house party that was a big hit--all types of bar cookies arrayed in a little red wagon. It was a big hit!

  12. I'm adding this to one of my favorite of all time weddings- so many simple but beautiful details. I especially loved the greenery tied to the chairs at the ceremony- thank you for sharing this!

  13. Wow, what an amazing venue!!! Stunning! You're right it is nice to see something different and this certainly is! Good luck with the Chicago cold!x

  14. That wedding looks so beautiful! I cannot imagine getting married there, I am sure it was so special.

  15. I love the color combination of flowers pink and orange ....looks gorgeous !!!

  16. Oh my goodness! Could you have a more incredible ceremony setting!?? This wedding is stunning- i love all the orchids, absolutely gorgeous images.



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