Monday, January 4, 2010

LCY Chicago: Foursided in Andersonville

For those of you who are new this way, I made the transition from suburbanite to big city gal when I moved into the neighborhood of Chicago's Lakeview last week. And I am loooooving it already. Case in point. Yesterday, my sister and I ventured out to find a dresser for less than $100. In other words, we scoured a few thrift stores. I did find an antique piece I really liked, but the bottom drawer jammed whenever I tried closing it so it was a no-go. Anywho, on our adventure, we journeyed into charming Andersonville, which is north of Lakeview, and I literally shouted "Maps! And globes!" while we zoomed by the store window above. My sister has an odd obsession with both items, so we pulled over and hopped out to explore...

Foursided, located at the corner of Clark and Carmen in Andersonville, is actually a custom frame shop with artsy antiques and knick-knacks arranged in lovely vignettes around the store. Many of the store's inventory is characterized by its typographical features. This place was a graphic designer's dream.

...and look what I found! The Chicago Ork posters I featured a few weeks ago.

They also had the Great Lakes version.

I also saw this collection of printing press letters - the same thing Annie used to create personal stationary for her friends and family at Christmas. I'll definitely be recreating her letterpress project in the near future.

Foursided had Scrabble letters galore. The glass jars toward the right are filled with them.
What does one do with random Scrabble letters? Make art, of course!
Family names, special places, inspirational words... they can be grouped and framed as art.

More maps made my sister very happy.

One of the many lovely vignettes.

Cool vintage flashcards. They also had French flashcards which I wanted for myself. The tiny problem was that I didn't know what they said so I wasn't sure which to choose... damn. Next time I bring the English-French dictionary I don't have.

Loved these bookends.

As soon as I saw this vintage-looking map of England (I have an unhealthy obsession with the country dating back to the early 90s when my mom sat me down and made me watch the BBC's Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth over and over again). It was $4.99 and I plan on getting an IKEA frame for around $15. Lovely.

I also left with four of these tiny notecards that spell out the word HOME. Also to be framed. How very apropos for my new home.

Until my next adventure... which, let's face it, will probably be tonight after work.


  1. what a great shop! can't wait to see the things you bought on display in your new place!

  2. i couldn't agree more, i purchased a frame that will look perfect on my desk! i couldn't figure out which map i loved the most...will have to go back next weekend!

  3. I think you should do more posts like this now that you are actually living in the city and have an abundance of "hidden treasure" shops at ur disposal.

  4. love Andersonville, and this shop looks right up my alley. Good find!

  5. Todd Mack the man behind the store had a store in Lansing, Michigan where my sister used to work with him. Your photos bring back some very very happy memories. I loved his shop and have missed not running in for a chat, inspiration and a treasure to take home. I'm so glad you found his place.

    I'm also glad to have found your blog - it looks like a fun place to sit a spell.

    Kristin - The Goat

  6. I hope to do more posts like this! That is the plan... hopefully at least one a week.



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