Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Come sail away

In an era of reduce, reuse, recycle, Ella Vickers has got conserving resources in the bag. Literally. (I secretly can't believe I just used such a cheesy pun, but it was too good to leave out.) The handbag designer worked as a first mate on a the Columbia, the "first 12-meter vessel to win Americas cup." I presume more of you East-Coast readers understand the significance of that. I'll go back to shearing some corn now...

During an off-season when the Columbia had its sails replaced, Ella reached for the old but still insanely durable fabric and turned it into bags. Her product was so popular that it led to the formation of Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection (EVSC). Now the company offers a wide range of handbags in all shapes and sizes ranging from fanny packs and backpacks to shoulder totes and large duffles. These durable but chic products are perfect to use as carry-ons, on beach days, as school bags, work bags, or for voyaging the open seas. And I even noticed a few items for the home: several nautical shower curtains that I am now waiting to see pop up in some Nantucket oasis, and the cutest dog bed - which I don't know about your dogs, but my 25-lb friends sure now how to destroy a normal dog bed over the weekend. One made of strong sail fabric is sounding pretty appealing.

the 2 is my first choice bag - it's been my favorite number for so long and I don't even know why

His nails aren't getting through that any time soon.

Pretty cute for a beach house or boys' bathroom, yes?
Here is their special Valentines heart bags. The tote is so charming.

*all photos from EVSC*


  1. These are so much fun! I like the shower curtain too!

  2. Very cool--I would love one for a pool bag.

    I have no idea where that clock on my blog is from, btw. . . .

  3. Agree ~ these would make adorable pool / beach bags ~ I'm partial to the heart tote, as I've always thought of the heart as my symbol, being a Valentine's Day baby and all :)

  4. Wow, I loove the dog bed! Heading to check these out right away! xx

  5. i love these! just bought the Large close tote....incredible find!



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