Thursday, February 25, 2010

Man, do I love a good deal!

For those of you who have not heard, I have been sick. And this is a big deal because I'm never sick. Occasional headache, yes. Hungover, sure. But so sick you might get all your other friends sick too just by sneezing near them? Rarely. Hence I've been a bit out of commission the past few days. So, while I'm in my final stages of recovery and catching more zzz's than usual, I've got one more short post today - two new additions to my dining room that didn't cost much - and tomorrow I promise you a wealth of eye candy from last weekend's, girls-only trip to New Orleans (now the sick part is starting to make sense, eh?)

You may remember when I posted about buying these candlesticks from Ikea for $1.99 a piece in the as-is section of the store. Well, they're now nestled on my dining room bar...

Pretty, yes?
Oh and the white vase next to them was $1 at my local Salvation Army. It's things like that that make me giddy.

Secondly, I fell in love with this lamp by Jill Rosenwald forever and a day ago. Sadly, at the time, I was however many hundreds of dollars and a lifetime away from owning it. Enter my very first trip to HomeGoods (thank you, blogosphere, for the introduction). All in all a lackluster trip but I see why people love it. A few good deals on some mirrors, and wow! you can get a great price on a rug... but I was ready to leave the store empty-handed when...

Ahhh!! Imagine glorious rays of light streaming out of this lamp (more like the Holy Grail, and less like it was plugged into an outlet)! A near replica to my lust-worthy Rosenwald lamp!
Price tag? $66!
Snatched that right up, brought it home, and plopped it on my entry table, which coincidentally, is also in my dining room.

Done and done.


  1. Gorgeous! I love your style. Where did you find those two cute blue vases tucked away on the bottom corner of your didning room bar? They are EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

  2. I'm really liking the white and white interspersed with pops o' color!

    P.S ~ I’ve left you a little award over on my blog :)

  3. Hi, just found you via City Girl Chicago! I love your blog and your apartment!! Your office area is gorgeous and you've really pulled off the dark wall! It makes the pictures really stand out and makes the space feel bigger as the colour adds some depth.

  4. Very nice design look. Your DR bar is very fresh - I like it! And the lamp is a very good sub for the pricey one. You could easily update and/or change the shade if you wanted to go for the whole look, but I like it as it is just fine!

    P.S. - Nice blog!

  5. P.S. - Your new lamp would look fabulous on your desk with the black wall peeking through the lamp base. Maybe with yellow banding on the shade? Just a thought.... I just can't help myself! : )

  6. That bar in your dining room is so nice. Is it so stylish. Like all your new finds for it. Looks great.

  7. wow, that lamp is exactly my style! loooove it!!!

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  8. You have so many beautiful stuuf, love the lamp!...Christine

  9. Great lamp! I want one, too.

    Feel better soon.

  10. Love the lamp - love a great deal. Your apartment has come together so nicely. You have great taste.

  11. Your dining room bar is stunning- so fresh looking! Feel better and post more soon :)

  12. Such a steal! Love your new lamp! It looks perfect for it's spot. Also, your office is looking gorgeous!

  13. Glad to hear you're on the mend! LOVE all of your minds, especially that lamp! :)

    P.S. The "as-is" section of Ikea is my favorite store! lol

  14. I really love that lamp! I bet you could trim the shade with some black ribbon to more closely duplicate the look.

    Feel better! I'm sick, too so I feel your pain :(

  15. I just love your bar area- it is perfect for a large party!

    Have a great weekend!



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