Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memoirs from a trip to IKEA Chapter 3: is it summer yet?

This past Saturday, I hadn't even been back from Mexico 24 hours before I found myself hopping in the trusty Jeep and scooting on over to IKEA. This was my first visit back since moving downtown over a month ago - eeek! Can we say withdrawals?? Commence shopping for a lot of knick knacks I probably don't need but found myself wanting nevertheless. And not sure if you noticed, but does this compilation of items look a bit summer-y to anyone?? I had my new back porch on my mind literally the whole time I was at the store. Seeing as it's currently 28 degrees outside, I don't see us actually using it anytime soon. But when that temperature rises, I will be ready! In the mean time, I've found a cozy place for all of these items indoors.

Now, don't let that first picture fool you. The it's-so-pretty-it-hurts-my-eyes Talavera pottery bowl was an Isla Mujeres purchase that I wanted to show off. Shops all over the island carried this unique pottery in all shapes and sizes, but this singular serving dish caught my eye unlike any of the others. It's currently sitting on my tulip table with bananas and avocados pouring out over it. Now whenever I walk into my kitchen I think of Mexico!

What I loved about this piece was the texture - you can feel each of those paint colors when you rub your fingers over it, unlike many of the other pieces that were for sale that had a single glaze finish.

A few other purchases: I wanted to get this black Borrby lantern in both the large and small sizes but they were out of the larger option. Oh no. Looks like I'll have to go back. Muhaha. And, readers, I'd like to introduce you to the second plant I've ever owned. The first one (dirt included) ended up strewn about on my bed courtesy of my beige puppy - who also ended up covered in dirt - a couple years ago. You can understand why I've been hesitant to try again. I have no idea how to care for it or what it is. So we'll see how long this relationship lasts... as for those darling galvanized plant holders: $0.99 for all three. Yes, please!

Found this set of Blomster candlesticks (regularly $17.99 for all three) in the "As is" section of the store - which I am embarrased to admit I discovered for the first time on this visit. Good news? $1.99 each. Loves! The mason jars are now storing flour and sugar on the counter next to my oven, waiting to be used in my next batch of cookies. : )

I know this was a completely random post but just wait until tomorrow's!! '
Exciting things are happening tonight that I will report on in the AM. Stay tuned...


  1. At first I was like "I HAVE to go to Ikea to get myself one of those gorgeous bowls." It's breathtaking!

    p.s. I bought a bamboo stalks at Ikea 6 years ago and they're still alive!

  2. I love the bowl, and am super impressed that you hauled it back from Mexico! I always see amazing things for the home on vacay but am daunted at the idea of transport...

  3. Love the candlesticks! The "as is" section of IKEA is my absolute FAVORITE! I actually just started painting a tray I recently purchased from there ~ will be uploading pics to my site soon! :)

  4. gorgeous bowl!
    ps: doesn't ikea remind you of 500 days of summer?

  5. What a great find ~ love the pop of color!

  6. WHY do the retailers tempt me with gorgeous summer goods when they know it will be at least 3 months before a good, sound warm-up?!



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