Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mission: Find this bikini! -- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

I was just surprised by a phone call from my very dear and very straight male college friend who reads LCY (friends should support friends, yes?). He called to tell me he found the bikini I am after! Once my laughter subsided, I asked how on Earth he found it. Turns out - pretty easily. His eagle eyes observed the surf board said "Rip Curl," so he checked their website - who knew they made bathing suits also? - and poof! There it was! And not crazy expensive, either.

Thank you, John! Thank you!!
And thanks to all my readers who looked for me and provided suggestions! Definitely some cute ones were recommended!
Previous Plea:
{Please help me find this bikini. I looove it. The colors, the halter, the ikat! So darling. Anyone have ANY idea where it came from? I've searched shopbop, Trina Turk, bluefly, google... no luck. Help!}

p.s. that's Jack Nicholson's daughter - crazy, right?


  1. hmm looks like billabong. try that

  2. I will keep my eyes open - it's adorable! I'm also on the hunt for the perfect bikini for a trip to Nice, France in May! Will be nice to escape the cold Chicago for a while :)

  3. hmm... no clue, BUT, the yellow and white striped number she's wearing in some of the other pictures is from victoria's secret last year. pacific sunwear has some fun similar-type patterns!

  4. I just tried all my usual places for you, but no luck! There's a very similar one at Anthropologie:

    and lots of zig-zaggy bikinis from Milly and Missoni. I will keep trying, though!

  5. looks sort of like it could be missoni or something similar. also look at malia mills!

  6. No idea, but it is cute! If you can wear that then go for it!

    Have fun!

  7. Due to the fact that she was holding a surf board I figured it would be one of the surfing/skate board companies that throw their ridiculous logos all over the shirts, shorts, pants, hats, socks, you name it at PacSun and Zumiez type stores. I used to love those stores so figured I would lend my girl Alaina a helping hand...I got you Kaz!

  8. What a cute friend! You are so lucky he found it...its adorable! (my first thought was trina as well, and then saw that you had already tried her...)

  9. Yay John! That is some excellent sleuthing!



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