Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Artist Snapshot: LCYgraphics now on Etsy!

Call your busy mother, your younger sister, your design-challenged brother, and all your friends! Tell them to head on over to Etsy! LCYgraphics is in bizness! And I've already made a sale! Wahoo!
*Note my Etsy seller name is LCYblog just to make it confusing for all of you.

You can buy 8x10 travel prints of the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, or the Sydney Opera House in the following colors:


kelly green

light blue


or white (like the ones in my home)
*note: The prints hanging in my home are larger than 8x10 BUT three 8x10 prints matted and framed would be the perfect fit for above a couch, bed, desk, in a hallway - anywhere, really! Target and Ikea both sell really affordable frame options.

Don't like the color options available? Designing a yellow and grey room and you're in search of the perfect art to hang on the wall? For a few dollars extra, you can choose the color your heart desires! Just send me the CMYK code for the color background you'd like to make your travel print match your room perrrfectly (and if you don't know the CMYK code, just name the color or email me a picture and I can match the color).

There is a collection available at a discounted rate. The European Series contains three 8x10 prints of the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben and is available in the five colors listed above (kelly green, pink, light blue, black, or white).

I am also selling some of my photography (more will be added in the near future). Some shots I took in Paris, London, and across the good ole' US of A.

And a surprise print I haven't yet shared with my fellow blogfriends and readers. I am well aware most of us are obsessed with blogging AND the Oscar-nominated Julie & Julia, and every time I hear Amy Adams utter this phrase, I can't help but laugh out loud and think of this wonderful, online community.
So here it is: the "I Can Write a Blog, I Have Thoughts" print. Complete with my own illustration of the iMac, a design blogger's dream machine.
And because I hope to see one of these hanging in every design, fashion, lifestyle, foodie, and travel blogger's office, I will print this in the color of your choice at no extra charge!
I just need to decide on a color and add one of my own to my lil' office art gallery.

The goods new is I have many more prints in the works (Golden Gate Bridge for San Fran, the Capitol Building in DC, and the St. Louis Cathedral of New Orleans) and several completed that I plan on adding but I want to first figure out any kinks with pricing, shipping, printing. This is all new to me. If everything is running smoothly in the first week (fingers crossed), you'll see the shop inventory likely double by next week!

So what are you stilling doing here? Head on over to LCYblog on Etsy and shop away!
*note all images on Etsy have an LCYgraphics watermark that WILL NOT be on your print.


  1. Wow, so impressed! Love your work and would love to work in some of those travel prints in my house when I figure it out. . . Lots of luck w/ your shop!

  2. How exciting! I have a feeling your business will be very successful!! :-)

  3. CONGRATS!!!! How exciting. I love it all. I'm still sorting through how Etsy works as well---it's so invigorating as the sales come pouring in. I'm so proud of you missy! XOXO

  4. Yeah!!!! Get it girl!! I love it all. I am on a strict no purchase rule until we move into our house...but that just gives me time to contemplate which of these lovelies will get to move in with us!

  5. So cool! Congrats! Beautiful stuff. Love the blog print - hilarious.

  6. I will definitely start with London and Paris. I love the blog print. What a great gift idea for anyone with a blog.

  7. Very cool! I will have to check out your store!

  8. Congrats on the shop opening! I LOVE the blog print most of all! And it's now on my wish list!

  9. Very neat Alaina! Congrats to you and my very best wishes on this endeavor ~

  10. We wish you the best. Congratutions on your new store.

  11. Thank you all so much! It's an exciting adventure for me, and I'm thrilled to hear you all like it!

    Any ideas for buildings you'd like to see added to the travel prints - let me know! Right now I am in the works on the Capitol in DC, Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, and the St. Louis Cathedral of New Orleans!

    Stay tuned.


  12. Gave your shop a little shout out on my blog today so I'm sure you'll have droves of sales now :)

  13. I'd be all over a Statue of Liberty print!

  14. OOOH, I am LOVING your Julie & Julia print! How perfect for all of us bloggers. I will definitely be grabbing one just as soon as my bonus check that was promised this week gets cashed... and I settle on a color. Congrats on your new etsy shop!

  15. I am so loving the prints! I was hoping you'd start an etsy shop. Would you also consider doing an Acropolis/Parthenon print at some point? Also, do you ship to Greece? :)

  16. Since you asked and I'm a Chicago freak, I think it'd be awesome if you did a Hancock and Trump one. I would buy all three and hang them together! P.S. Glad you still call it "Sears" Tower too. Willis?? That's just not right.

  17. I'm SO excited you decided to sell these, they're great! So excited in fact, that I just blogged about how much I love them :)

    Good luck with the new shop!

  18. Alaina, you are SO creative! I absolutely love these! I must have the blog print, and really I want them ALL! You have reached new heights with this endeavor - I love it!!! Keep up the amazing work!



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