Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Baby

Her name is Everly.
She coos in her sleep.
And when daddy stops patting her back, she doesn't like it and gets all fussy.
She is happiness.

I am so happy a friend of mine passed on the amazingness that is Dear Baby, a blog that the author began when she found out she was pregnant and continues now she has this little cutie-poppins in her life. And how lovely is this lil' hipster family?

*photo by Quoc Ngo, via Dear Baby*

If you love babies, love great writing, or are just bored for 10 minutes (or an hour), I definitely encourage you check this one out. My favorites are the posts entitled "Letters to Everly."

Here's a sample one from this week:

Letters to Everly.

I realized this weekend that you are officially a real baby now. You recently decided to hang up your newborn status without sending your father and I the memo. I say this because newborns don’t hold their necks up and look around for minutes at a time. Newborns don’t have intense baby babble conversations with that weird little bear/clown thing that hangs from your bouncer. Newborns don’t decide to ROLL OVER after dinner on Sunday night.

I will miss my little “sack of flour with a pretty head” as I liked to call you when you were a swaddled and sleepy newborn - but I like this new baby you’ve become. You are turning into a real firecracker and I am constantly amused by the big personality that is pouring out of my little girl.

Currently, your favorite thing in the entire world are the Christmas lights in your changing room. They fascinate you in a way nothing else does. You’ve almost figured out how to push your pacifier back in your mouth using the back of your chubby little hand and you prefer me to sing old Tina Turner and Whitney Houston songs to you over the traditional lullabies. (What’s love got to do… go to do with it? What’s love, but a second hand emotionnnnnnnnnn!)

Sometimes I think I can actually see you growing right before my very eyes. The whole world is opening up to you and we have been standing right there, watching with amusement and joy as you soak it all in. You are one heck of a baby Miss Everly Veda and I am one lucky mama.

Does that make anyone else weepy?!?!

Won't it be so wonderful for Everly to have these letters once she's grown up? To be able to know everything about the days she'll never remember on her own? And how she made her mother felt...

Can someone please grab me a darn tissue?


  1. i literally spent more than an hour going through the lovely beautiful! such wonderful memories for the whole family.

  2. So sweet! And, I am loving the name Everly. Beautiful.

  3. Really amazing idea!
    Love it.

  4. UGH ALAINA!! You have no idea how difficult it is to keep the babymonster away. I want, I need, I have to HAVE! Babbbbieeeezzzzz. Pete is just going to kill me.

  5. YES! Major TEARS over here...of course at work too!



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