Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thank you, again, new issue of House Beautiful for introducing me to these Rainbow Wood Bowls by Whisk in NYC. This was another favorite of mine from the April magazine (second only to the feature I posted yesterday). Unfortunately you cannot purchase this colorful set online but the pricing information and store number is listed here on Whisk's blog.

Prices range from $6-$30 for the largest of the bunch. You can also find a scoop, a mixing spoon, and wood mortar and pestle all in the striped pattern. Wouldn't these be great to have out holding mixed nuts and chocolate candies while guests arrive for your dinner parties this summer? They'd also be a breath of fresh air as a shower or wedding gift in lieu of another white platter from Crate & Barrel. I know I'd like to unwrap a set of these beauties!

*images from House Beautiful and WhiskNYC*


  1. Oh man...lovin those 2.

  2. So pretty! I bet they'd look great with a set table for guests!

  3. Totally love these. I have a set of scoops that look like this. Not sure if they are the same brand but they look nearly identical and I absolutely love them. Now I need the bowls! Marija



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