Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Kind of Shower: Chocolate and Champagne at Co Co Sala

This past weekend Nate and I flew to DC for his sister's wedding shower. To anyone who has ever been to the generic and typically too long bridal shower, the two-hour soiree we attended was a pleasant divergence from an afternoon spent sitting around white tablecloths, pink candlesticks, and finger sandwiches. His aunt hosted the gathering at the chic and modern Co Co Sala - a chocolate bar - located in downtown Washington D.C. We enjoyed bubbly cocktails, savory treats, zero bridal games, and were kicked out after two-hours (versus spending two long hours watching the bride and groom unwrap every gift - we've all been there). I know this is the new trend in wedding showers and all I can say is thank goodness for that!

The room the shower was held in was modern with a hint of swank - golds and reds accented the black furnishings while curtains and modern sculptures adorned the walls. Oh, and all of the art was made of sugar. Crazy, I know.

It felt like somewhere Carrie Bradshaw and the girls would have visited on one of their fabulous nights out. Maybe that's why I drank so much champagne...

The main room of the bar/restaurant has a very lounge-y feel.

That tiramisu was all for us.

There was an original and a dark chocolate variety.

They don't call it a chocolate bar for nothin'.

The mini cupcakes in the middle were to diiiieeeee for.

I particularly liked the tiny chocolate balls - they were crispy and delicious. And I promise there is NOTHING ELSE TO CALL THEM but tiny chocolate balls.


Childhood photos of the bride and groom made up the centerpieces on the tables. Adorable without being too cliche mainly because we weren't all forced to sit with the lights off and stare at a never-ending slideshow.

The photo of little Emily all dressed up and sitting on her dad's lap was my favorite. Is that not beyond precious?

Darling favors - hot chocolate and a tiny whisk.

Sometimes Nate tries to out-girl me in pictures. And succeeds. This makes me laugh.
(My shirt - Anthropologie, pants - J.Crew Minnie, flats - Gucci)

Does anyone else snap random photos in the bathrooms at parties? Because I do. I LOVED this: the sink and counter were all one piece. So cool. So pretty.

My other favorite design element in Co Co Sala was the lighting above the main bar. Bubbly chandeliers. Like the bubbles in my champagne. You can get a similar look for a lot of money here or for a lot less money here.

An afternoon of chocolate and champagne.
I commend you, Aunt Lori!

And congrats Jon and Emily! I cannot wait for their wedding at Martha's Vineyard this summer. I'm guessing I'll have several albums worth of photos to show you from that trip. All in good time...

*all images my own*


  1. What an awesome place to hold a wedding shower! I think I love almost every dessert at Co Co Sala. If you're ever in D.C. for restaurant week, they offer a great menu. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Wow. That place looks amazing. I would love to go there. What a refreshing idea for a wedding shower! You made me laugh out loud with the chocolate balls. I love that bathroom sink.

  3. what a gorgeous place and looks like you can actually spend a great (and short) time there having fun
    Love it!

  4. Hello from Austria/Europe!
    The lamp on the last photo (the bubble lamp) is by FOSCARINI, a company in Italy. Its name is CABOCHE and it was designed by famous designer Patricia Urquiola. It comes not only as a pendant but also as table, floor and wall lamp.

    greets, Chris -

  5. When is Co Co Sala opening in the Chicago area??
    Your photos made all of us want to host our next party/shower here.
    Congratulations to Emily and Jon.

  6. I want Aunt Lori to adopt me! What a great idea!

  7. What great photos. Can't wait to try it the next time I am there.

  8. that tiramisu oh myyyyyyy,, i am drooling
    what a lovely post!




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