Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars 2010: the hosts rocked, the women ruled, but the fashion... meh.

So, did you watch 'em? I personally enjoyed the show, even if it was over three hours long. I think Up may have been the only nominated film that I HAVE seen and can attest to its brilliance and charm. See it. And I loved Steve and Alec as hosts. Their dry, witty, and self-deprecating humor was right up my alley and left me laughing out loud time and time again. As for fashion, all in all it was a lackluster Red Carpet event. I waited. And waited. And waited to be wowed. I tried to love Kate Winslet's dress choice. But no. My eyes lit up at the top of Sandra's sparkly gown. Then I saw the bottom and it looked like cheap, iridescent rayon. Damn. I loved Mo'Nique's color choice but the overall design was nothing special. And then these two came on stage and redeemed my waning admiration for celebrity style...

Best Dressed
First Place
I fell in love with both dresses when I saw each of these women walk on stage last night and couldn't choose a favorite. Then I placed their images side by side in Photoshop and realized just how similar the dresses are. So it's a tie. Both designed by Versace, these two stunning gowns were comprised of a perfectly fitting bodice set atop layers of flowing ruffles made in dream-like colors. Heavenly. And Elizabeth Banks and Demi Moore looked heavenly wearing them.

Second Place
I'm not Cameron Diaz's biggest fan. She was pretty adorable when she danced in Charlie's Angels but other than that, meh. I do, however, looove the way she looked last night. Her hair, her red lipstick, and her sparkly Oscar de la Renta (my fave designer) lit up the stage. Simply put, she just looks so pretty!

Third Place
I think Kristen Stewart is the worst excuse for an actress. She doesn't seem to appreciate the amazing opportunities she's been given considering her lack of talent. And in a nutshell, I don't like her. Plus I never thought I'd say this seeing as the grumpy teen typically looks like she rolled out of bed when she walks the red carpet, but last night, she nailed it. Her Monique Lhullier gown was just perfect. The tailoring, the shape, the color. I loved this look. I originally had her in second place but then realized she needed a necklace. Something gold would have been the perfect finishing touch. Something gold with a big emerald. Yep. That would've done it.

Honorable Mentions
for being quirky, colorful, or cool...
Carey Mulligan in Prada
the gold beading on black was fabulous

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries van Noten
love the print, the colors, and the fit

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab Haute
This dress epitomizes spring, and I need spring in my life. Today was rainy and 40. Boo.

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham
She annoys me. Why was she at the Oscars? Whatever.
I loved her dress, bracelet, and hair. She looked so grown up!

Tina Fey in ???
It's no secret I love her. And this dress. 9 times out of 10 she looks smashing on the Red Carpet. Did I just say "smashing?" Interesting...

I don't know who they are but bravo to them.
Paula Patton
I want the non-pregnant version of this gown. The neckline is to die for. And don't get me started on the bright and cheery color. This photo doesn't do it justice.

Anika Noni Rose
Awesome dress. That's all I have to say about that.

Prudence Mabhena
I don't know anything about this lovely 21-year-old Zimbabwean woman other than the fact that she was born severely disabled and has the most beautiful singing voice. I am now eager to see the Oscar-winning documentary about her life of struggles and triumph. I can't fathom the life she's led given her physical disabilities, but wow does she look good on the Red Carpet. The rosettes along the neckline and her hairpiece are perfection.

Worst Dressed
Charlize Theron in ???
I mean, really? Why didn't she just glue two Cinnabons to the dress?

Tom Ford and Jake Gyllenhaal

Mark Boal. Brilliant journalist/writer/man. THIS is my favorite hairstyle on a guy. Is it long? Short? I never know how to describe it to people but this. is. it.

And I'll leave you all with one last image. Gerry. Because in my mind, he and I are already on a first name basis.

My Favorite Moments
3. Alec Baldwin's stare-down with George Clooney
(the latter of whom looked miserable all night, no?)
2. Sandra Bullock thanks the moms of the world.
1. Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. present Best Screenplay (will add clip once it's up - so funny)

Your turn!
Who was the best/worst dressed of the night?
Who do you think should have won?
Did you enjoy the show?
Favorite moment?
Favorite speech?


  1. I like Demi's dress a little better than Elizabeth's, but I like the color of Elizabeth's better. I love Miley's look (although I agree with you about Miley as a person). Love the color of Kristen Stewart's dress, and agree with you 100% on your description of her. The whole teenager angst thing is really annoying. I would say Miley's look was my favorite. I thought Sandra Bullock looked pretty. And I like Gerard. And what he's wearing is good too. ;-)

  2. Cameron got my vote---she looked so stunning in Oscar. He's my favorite too! XO

  3. I couldn't stop thinking about how George needed a haircut.

  4. I wish KStew had some jewelry!! I loved Sandra's speech...just watched online! Tom Ford and Zac Efron=hot haha.

  5. The best dress was that of Anika Noni Rose! Also, I actually liked Sarah Jessica Parker's Chanel dress. It was different and it looked good on her.

  6. I really loved Cameron and Demi Moore...both looked stunning. Also loved Gerard Butler however bias that may be because I love him regardless.

  7. Did we for get about SJP??? I really thought her dress was beyond a dress, it was a work of art!

  8. I loved Sandra. I know the dress was very tame but it was the whole look. She looked absolutely gorgeous. SJP was a little scary I thought. The eyeliner was far too heavy and she looked sort of evil. I am totally with you on Miley Cyrus. Loved the dress but she is not worthy of the oscars. She was Hannah Montana! Are you kidding me? She gets to go to the oscars? Also that face she makes annoys me.

  9. COMPLETELY agree with everything you just said! haha I can't believe how similar our takes on the Oscars were! I was going to write a post about it but you said it all!

    I do have to admit that I haven't seen The Hurt Locker yet, but I have seen Avatar and I really think James Cameron should have won for best director. He worked on the movie for TEN YEARS and it really showed. He was definitely robbed! But maybe his loss was a Jesus-Spanking for him leaving his wife?! lol

    P.S. I also agree with Lavender and Lilies about SJP. She is usually so classy {remember the "almost mint" dress? fabulous!!} but last night...eek! Loved the Chanel, hated the frizzy hair and orange spray-tan. And there is something about Miley Cyrus' face that makes me want to punch it...

  10. I agree with you on most of these top choices as well.
    I thought the Charlize dress was in bad taste, the colour was lovely and had the highlights of the dress been removed, it would have been simple and elegant. Damn those OTT designers!
    Paula Patton's dress has been photographed a few different ways so it didn't even look like she was pregnant-
    She's starred in Precious (with Monique) and DeJa Vu with Denzel Washington, and is the wife of R&B singer, Robin Thicke (the son of Alan Thicke from Growing Pains).
    Of all the looks from the night, Sandra Bullock's was my favourite. I thought the more intense change in her makeup style for the night added the perfect touch to her dress.



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