Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artist Snapshot: Caitlin McGauley

I remember reading the first issue of Lonny magazine like I remember my first kiss (which happened to be on a white sand beach in Mexico - holla!). One of my faaavorite things about the new online mag were the charming watercolor illustrations by NYC artist, Caitlin McGauley. Her contributer profile stated she was a fellow Syracuse grad, and I couldn't help but feel that bit of pride that springs up whenever you hear your alma mater produced someone with that kind of talent. While I haven't found reproductions of her paintings for sale anywhere, Caitlin does commission-based work. In other words, you send her a picture of your living room, your favorite chair, or pair of shoes, and she'll paint it. Pretty cool, yes? Let's have a look-see.




Shops around the corner...


Check back at NOON EST because I have tickets to giveaway to an event tomorrow and this weekend!


  1. I love these... I really like her painting style!!

    Thanks~ Lindsay
    A Design Story

  2. I love her work and have also searched to see if she sells prints of it. I would love to have some of her work...maybe I need to start searching for something for her to paint.

  3. Love her stuff. Makes me want to take another watercolor class! xo katie

  4. Go Orange Honey

  5. Magnificent! Watercolor is a media I'd forgotten how much i love!!

  6. Always loved her work in Lonny and its so nice seeing her other paintings! I especially love the NYC buildings!



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