Monday, April 19, 2010

An Education in Paris

This weekend I watched An Education. This weekend I fell in love with An Education. And most importantly, this weekend I found in the movie's one minute montage the best representation of Paris I have ever seen.

I am a true romantic when it comes to Paris. I believe everything is more beautiful there. Everything has emotion. The light. The buildings. The city has its own mood. I love all the good and the bad that comes along with this city. The good because, well, if it's good in Paris, it's probably the best in the world. The bad because it's never really that bad if it's in Paris. Of all the things my future holds, I most look forward to visiting Paris with my guy. And we are going to get all dolled up, and run around looking at the beautiful things, drink lots of wine, laugh, and be in love in Paris. There. Is that cheesy enough for all of you?

...and so you can see it for yourself, here is the scene, set to Juliette Greco's "Sur les quais du vieux Paris." (really begins at 0:15 second mark)

Get the look.
Feminine, vintage-inspired dresses in fun patterns:

Kay Unger via Neiman Marcus

Kate Spade via Neiman Marcus


via J.Crew

and finally, for him:

And on a final note, did you all know that the now wildly famous and talented Carey Mulligan was Kitty Bennett in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice?? Crazy! That's two movies with costar Rosamund Pike (Jane in P&P).

Have you seen the movie? Did you love it? Have you been to Paris? Are you as wildly obsessed as I am?


  1. I love this movie it is one of my favorites, I had to see it so bad after I saw the trailer that I went and saw my first movie by myself- and i loved it! Love the story, love the life lessons, love the clothes, and love the music!

  2. I really really have to watch it! Love the dresses!

  3. This movie is on my list! I haven't seen it yet. I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

  4. Looks like a great movie, I'll have to watch it.

    Love those kind of feminine, flirty dresses!

  5. This movie is a visual delight...


  6. Just cheesey enough my dear, and very happy and sweet and romantic. Made me smile on my grumpy monday!

  7. I haven't seen an education but I have seen those awesome bookshelves of yours marking either side of your desk... where did you find them? I love them... and I simply love it that you have multiple copies of pride and prejudice...

  8. Saw it for the first time last week- That movie would make any girl want to explore Paris. And her outfits were to die for. Maybe not attractive on someone so young and clueless though...

  9. I keep seeing this movie pop up on blogs, but I think you've finally convinced me to watch it. Carey Mulligan is so beautiful and so are those dresses!

  10. I need to finally sit down and watch this! It looks soo good! Great blog...thanks for visiting mine as well :)

  11. I didn't understand what all the fuss about Carey Mulligan was about at the Oscars. After watching An Education, I totally get it. Loved the movie and I completely agree about how the movie captured the magical mood of Paris!

  12. Fantastic film! Love the Modcloth dress!

  13. Goodness gracious! I just put this movie on my list - thanks :)

    Oh, and I will join you in the cheesiness, because I also want to go to Paris with my love!

  14. Hilarious- I have a post in the works that is so similar to your "cheesiness" about how much I love Paris, and how I can't wait to explore it with my hubby someday!

    I loved the movie, and I too googled her to figure out who she was- and was so delighted & surprised to see she was in P&P! I hadn't recognized her at all!



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