Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I *Heart* My Talented Readers: DIY Lined envelopes

We have all seen the beautifully lined envelopes fancy companies like Crane and Kate Spade offer for a hefty price. But why pay a small fortune when you can easily make these on your own? One of my crafty readers - the same one who did the letterpress notecards - sent in a step-by-step guide of how she tackled this project.


1. Gather materials, and make a stencil based on the size of the envelope. Make sure it's smaller than the actual envelope so you don't cover the stick-um.

2. Trace and cut out as many linings as you want on the paper of your choosing. This reader actually used wrapping paper!

3. Use double-sided table to attach the lining, then bend at the seam.

Voila! Adorable, yes?

You can get a variety of colors and patterned paper at your local craft store. Just go to the scrapbooking department where they sell paper by the sheet. Or do as Annie did and grab hold of some cute wrapping paper!

Feel free to send me your DIY projects at!


  1. OMG! those are too cute! The ideas are a flowin! woo hoo!

  2. Wait. These are DIY?! They are beyond adorable. I might actually try this and I so do not do DIY well. Totally worth trying!!


  3. oh I love this DIY project, i did it too with some cath Kidtson wrapping paper and hd a greta time (and some really pretty cheap envelopes)
    Thanks for your nice words before :) the header was done by Carrie at Sweet Fairie Designs, I felt in love with the aramal fabric by Josef Frank and asked her to use it for the background. It kind of makes me happy :)

  4. so creative! and it looks easy! i might have to give this a try!

  5. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. DYI is awesome. :)

  6. Very cool! This is one of those things that is so simple and you just need the right reminder (enter LCY and dear reader) to spur the interest~ Thanks girlie :)



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