Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Look for Less: the brickmakers table

The brickmakers coffee table from Restoration Hardware (shown above) is my favorite coffee table. I've always preferred wood tables to glass because I inevitably rest my feet on them and the glass or metal digs into my ankles uncomfortably. But the $45 CraigsList purchase that is currently in my living room has seen better days. Unfortunately, RH's brickmakers table, and most other versions I've come across, are over $1000. (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!)

Not feelin' the love? Allow me to explain my infatuation:
1. It's not stuffy or fancy, but it could easily work in a more elegantly dressed room. Or a casual room for that matter. I like it when my furniture swings both ways.
2. It looks old, more like I found it at a flea market in Paris versus my local furniture chain store.
3. It's huge. I love a huge coffee table to anchor a room. Perfect for playing games, displaying books, holding candles, and eating off of.

But for now, I'm stuck admiring from a distance...

via Madeline Stuart

You in love, yet?
Well the good news is you can find this similar version from Hobble Creek Trading Co. for $577 - that's less than half the price of RH's!

And here is Restoration Hardware's, which sells for a whopping $1360.

Don't you love finding the look for less?

So that's that. Men have a dream car. I have a dream coffee table.

What's yours?


  1. Great find!!

    Anthropologie has a fantastic wooden table that I love, but it's just a tad pricey for my taste. And I don't actually have a place to put it...

  2. I love your choice of coffee table. You are so good about finding the look for less and keeping us informed.

  3. I love this table! I agree about loving wooden tables also! But I can't think of a specific one that is my favorite... maybe this one!

  4. I love Restoration Hardware! I love the rustic feel of the table and it works in a lot of different spaces. (I love the big oversized floor mirror from Restoration H. in the first photo too... I want)!!

  5. love the rustic yet refined look of these tables...

  6. love the table! and it certainly is versatile!

  7. im absolutely feeling the love Alaiana! not price love though :S

  8. I'm in love with that style of table too. Found and even better L4L from Boston Interiors (The Pacifica Table) - gorgeous and only $350.



  9. Ohh man, I have been eyeing that table for about 8 months! I want it sooo bad. $577 is so much less, but MAN, still too pricey. Thanks for the wonderful images.

  10. Sorry I thought my posts made it on here...but I actually have a table like the Restoration Hardware looking to get rid of for way less, its a square though not rectangular. email me @tdwilson10@hotmail.com if interested.

  11. You know that if you're patient, Overstock is going to have one of those for $200 :) I'm also coffee table shopping. Ideally, I would love to have two of those square brass with glass top end tables as my coffee table. Still looking. . .

  12. The Modular coffee table at West Welm works as a comparable alternative, only it doesn't have the metal pieces along the length of the bottom of the table. I bought it and didn't use the "nesting" table underneath, so that it had the same look as the Restoration Harware table -close enough...and works for me at $399.




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