Monday, April 12, 2010

Michelle Adams' New Digs

As featured in the newest issue of Lonny, editor-in-chief Michelle Adams has moved from her adorable albeit tiny NYC apartment (featured on LCY here) to a more spacious abode in the same city. I love looking at inspirational interiors, but I think we can all agree it's ten times more fun when you know the owner of the space - even if your only means of communication with them is via this Interweb thinger.

I particularly love how down-to-earth Adams home is despite her recent fame and glory. I mean, after all, she is only 26(?). Most of the pieces are vintage, flea market finds paired with chain store merchandise (PB and my beloved West Elm). But a cozy home they do make.

She loves Wellies too!

that armoire is to die for

I spy a Moroccan pouf!

Don't we all love having a bar on hand? And that framed picture reminds me of Friday's post!

I've wanted this West Elm tree stump table for so long but couldn't bring myself to drop two Benjamins (plus tax) for it. Plus it's really short! So I went with the tree-branch alternative you see here for half the price from Target.

Light and airy!

With a good chunk of yellow to boot!

I'd be perfectly happy with a TV that size, but I live with a boy. So, naturally, our TV gets it's own wall.

this table and the aforementioned armoire are the main reasons I'd want to move to NYC: the flea markets! I just love this piece.

...and in case you're wondering where you can find the gorgeous tortoise lamp on her buffet, I featured it in my "I love tortoise shell post" a few months back. It's from Neiman's and currently sold out. Single tear.
*Correction: Thanks to Michelle for letting me know, her lamp is actually from Pottery Barn a few years ago. Looks identical to the NM version, yes? Either way it's beautiful and no longer available. Keep your eyes peeled, E-bay junkies!

Have you checked out the new Lonny?

*all images via Lonny Mag*


  1. Some gorgeous rooms! Love the "bar" and the pouf.

  2. I just did a post this morning about the lamp and asking if anyone knew where to get one. So glad I found an answer (just maybe not the one I want since it's sold out).

  3. favorite Lonny feature of this issue for me!
    btw I love your alternative table from target!

  4. Alaina- thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much your continued support means to me :) And :D so pumped that you like my home!! The lamp is actually an oldie from Pottery Barn (I worked there for 3 years in college- hello discount!) and I am semi-shocked that I've never broken it during my many moves! But anyway, THANK YOU for making my day :)

  5. I love what she did in EVERY room! It looks amazing!

  6. Her home is SO gorgeous. And such a lovely space for someone who is only 26! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images :)



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