Friday, April 23, 2010

There were bloggers & designers & creative directors, OH MY!

BIG announcement, people!

Finally. Finally! I finally met another blogger! And she is just as fabulous and fun as I thought she'd be. In fact, I met TWO other design bloggers. Crystal from Plush Palate invited me to attend an event last night hosted by Ronda Carman of All the Best (who was stuck in Europe and had to miss it - damn you, volcano) and Alessandra Branca, a Chicago-based interior designer and boutique shop owner of the same name. The little soiree was in celebration of the new partnership between luxury linen manufacturer, SFERRA, and fashion designer Peter Som. (I will definitely post more on this next week.) So yes... it was a wonderful night, chatting with Aaron Stewart, the creative director of SFERRA, his lovely cousin Tamara, Meg Carroll, the owner of Chicagoland bedding boutique, Bedside Manor, and designer Tobi Fairley and her husband, Carter. If you don't know Tobi by name or read her blog, you most certainly know her from March's cover of House Beautiful (see below). There. I said. Was that enough name dropping for everyone?

Here are some of my favorite designs by Miss Tobi Fairley:
Above is the stunning monochromatic living room that was featured on the cover of March's House Beautiful and sent style bloggers around the world into a frenzy. (See here for proof.)

Isn't this a great family room? It's so relaxed but it's also beautiful. I particularly love how high the curtains are hung. It makes the high ceilings look that much higher.

Perfect blue hydrangeas next to the perfect periwinkle lamp.

If Oprah saw this picture she'd say, "Tobi Fairley is amAAAAzing." I just love the colors in the art and the rug that lead to this perfectly serene, bright room.

This bedroom looks magical: like it will take away any and all stress from your day and let you drift off peacefully into a mixture of volatile dreams starring Hugh Jackman. Yes?

I love everything about this bedroom, notably the color palette and how low the painting is hung behind the lamps over the console. But what I really want to do is rub my hands over all these beautiful fabrics... you can literally see the texture.

This is actually the sitting area of the bedroom. How amazing are the geometric lines in those end tables? And yellow tulips... oh how I love yellow tulips.

Another perfect vignette

I recognized this gorgeous armoire as soon as I saw the picture. It's the same as the armoire in Carrie and Big's bedroom in SATC2, which Heather posted earlier this week.

image via Habitually Chic

White on white on white. What more could you possibly want in a kitchen?

I can't decide what I love more: the all-black couch or the lack of spacing between the frames on the wall. What do you think?

Starburst done oh-so right.

This one goes out to all you kelly green fans.

Crystal of Plush Palate, designer Tobi Fairley, and moi

You can't see it here but Crystal was donning the most adorable J.Crew bauble necklace and Tobi had this darling and chic black Chanel bag. Aren't they lovely?

Tamara Day, Aaron Stewart, and me
Love Tamara's dress. It reminds me of the black and white entryway at the beginning of this post.

So, how was your Thursday?

images via Tobi Fairley and my own


  1. definitely not as good as yours ;) Im sure you had a great evening. I love all the photos!! can't decide what I like best, everything is so fabulous!
    Enjoy the weekend xo

  2. How amazing! So many creative minds all in one place - loving it! Pictures are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what else you will come up with or how you will incorporate these ideas into your place or your mother's.
    Cheers to you!

  3. So sad I missed it!!! Hope you all had fun!
    All the best,

  4. You name drop with the best of them ;) JK! I had such a great time at this event! The people of Sferra are truly gracious, kind, and so much fun! As was Alessandra Branca, the fabulous host.

    Great write-up!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! I really love the color schemes with the serene blues and greens. That's one of my dream Chanel purses in the first photo. :O( I will never get one.

  6. Wow - looks so fun!

    I love all of the lamps, especiall the blue one with the hydrangea. So pretty!

  7. Lucky duck! So fun, so beauty! Invite me next time! I will be your assistant!

  8. Sounds like such a fun time! Love Tobi's designs.

  9. Well, lucky you! I want to come to Chicago and hang out with the rich and famous :) I just discovered Crystal's blog the other day; love it!

  10. Ooh are those Bel Air chairs by Thomas Pheasant in the first pic? I'v been eyeing them up but they are out of my budget.

  11. Oh, very cool! I am so jealous, that looks like SUCH a fun night! Lovely!

  12. Love your blog & love Tobi Fairley! Sounds like a fun night - wish we were closer to Chicago!

  13. What an amazing event you got to go to!

    And I love all the beautiful images in this post...

  14. Yes, indeed!This bedroom looks magical,Fabulous job on every detail. The Room is sheer perfection,looks elegant and impressive interiors.Great images!love you blogs!



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