Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This needs to be in my sunroom.

I love everything about these two pieces.

This just jumped to the top of my Christmas in April wish list.

Anyone want to buy me a present just because? : )


  1. That rocking chair is classic! I had one in my room as a baby and my Mom has it out at home now. In fact this post reminds me that I should call dibs on that rocking chair right now, before my sister tries to claim it should be hers! :)

  2. my godmother used to have one and i love to rock on it when I was a kid, Id love one day to have one

  3. That looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon....

  4. I've been finding it harder to blog lately now that the weather is turning so beautiful and I'd just rather be outside than in front of a computer screen ~ so apologies for my lack of comments lately! However I will say now that rocking chair reminds me so much of the beautiful handmade Amish furniture which perches on my parent's porch. Lovely!

  5. Wish I could's absolutely gorgeous! I could lounge around in the sun all day in that piece of loveliness. xoxo katie

  6. My grandfather had that rocker in red. Your post brought back happy memories of my childhood.



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