Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tote around

I can't get enough of these J.Crew canvas totes. At only $10 a piece, they make the perfect summer bag for carrying groceries from the farmer's market, grabbing lunch with the gals, or heading to the beach. I bought one a month or so ago at my local store, but they just showed up online. Hurray for all of you who don't have a beloved Crew near you!

Guess which one I went with:
1. poodle gallery

2. four friends

3. dog days

...and which one would you get to tote sun block and sunglasses around in this summer?



Congratulations to the THREE WINNERS of the "I can write a blog, I have thoughts," print giveaway! I used to generate the winners:
1. Ali from His Birdie's Nest
2. Rachael from Fancy Pants
3. and Jillian from Fabulously Dirty Martinis

First off, how GREAT are those blog names? Secondly - all three of these ladies wrote up sweet blog posts about the print, and I thank them - and everyone else who tweeted and blogged - from the bottom of my heart! So many nice comments. It means a lot.

Ladies, email me with the colors you'd like your print in! I will ship this out within the next few days! Congrats!

Thanks, again, to everyone who participated! Know that there will be more LCYgraphics giveaways in the near future! And if you didn't win but need this print, it's for sale in my Etsy shop for $15.


  1. congrats to the winners!!
    And J.Crew: are you ever planning to come to Europe? please!

    ps: Alaina: Every time I comment here you put a smile in my face as the comment box it's next to gorgeous Jacob, I'm team edward, but I can really appreciate his beauty ;)

  2. the totes would be cuter if they didn't have JCREW slapped on the front.

  3. Thank you! So excited I won, this is my first giveaway win ever.

    I am definetly getting the dog days tote to carry with me all summer. :)

  4. Helena - that's crazy there's no J.Crew in Europe. Not even in London? That's just wrong. And I'm glad Jacob can put a smile on your face. That's why I keep him around here.

    Jillian - hurray! That's why giveaways are so fun. I remember when I won one, I was giddy the whole day. Thanks again for your post and for participating! : )

    Anon - I hear ya.

  5. The totes are so adorable! I can't believe they're only $10.

  6. Wonderful totes... I love the last one! and I can't believe you found something full price at J.Crew that is only $10... great find!

    Congratulations giveaway winners!

  7. Love the Poodle Gallery and Dog Days. Congrats to the winners!!

  8. Thanks Alaina. I now got my girls their birthday present. Every high schooler needs a different tote for carrying their books. Also, found a pair of flip flops on sale while on the site also.

  9. How cute is that one with the girls walking the dogs?! Love it! xo

  10. Well I couldn't agree more with all of you! I purchased the Dog Days bag about a month ago after seeing in the store and falling in love.

    : )

  11. These are the cutest totes- I love the dog walking one. Congrats to winners- great print :) If i get a desk in my new apt, this is going to be framed over it!!!



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