Monday, April 26, 2010


Yes, I am beyond in love with that movie, but that is not what this post is about.

In my excitement for my Thailand trip, I was looking back through photo albums from past trips and realized how much I loved photographs that were mostly sky. It's funny how the same thing - 'thing' being the sky - can look so drastically different in different parts of the world. And similar to how it affects our own moods, have you ever noticed how it can completely alter the mood of a photograph? Some of these images look happy, others look romantic, others look hazy like a vague memory. So yes. I am making a mental note to look up more on my next adventure...

Paris Skies

London Sky

Big Sur Sky

San Diego Skies

San Francisco Skies

Michigan Skies

Chicago Skies

Washington D.C. Skies

China Skies
*all images my own*

And one of my readers just sent in the following image:
...from her recent trip to Queenstown, New Zealand. So beautiful.

What's your sky like today?

How about you, my international readers??
I know there are plenty of you reading this.


  1. Beautiful skies. Our weather is clear, 70 degre and humid free this morning.

  2. Gorgeous skies, perhaps I'll work outside today...jaja

  3. Wow - blue skies and sun here in Chicago! Sounds like it's a beautiful day everywhere?

  4. Beautiful! I just had to share a photo from my most recent holiday to Queenstown, New Zealand. The sky was absolutely stunning. (

  5. Rain and drab at least I can gaze at all your lovely skies!

  6. This keeps making me think, "well I had a dream, I stood beneath an orange sky..." Love that song, our sky is pretty blue and sunny today, wouldn't you say?

  7. Great post! You have so many pretty pics. I'm definitely going to pay more attention to the sky on my next trip.

  8. What a cool post! I really enjoy looking "up" at the sky, although I do not have a lot of photos of it. There is just something about the blue sky with white clouds that gives me an internal sense of happiness...haha

  9. wow gorgeous photos, you are going to Thailand? how lucky!!
    it was greyish in London with a few sunshine rays, like reall a few, and it wa spitch dark when I landed some hours ago in Barcelona, and its rainign now, hopefully tomorrow it will be gorgeously sunny :)

  10. The sky is really beautiful. Nice photo!



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