Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Blog: LCY on Lanalou Style

Be sure to check out Lanalou Style today. The lovely Lana, who hails from South Africa and always has the most beautiful photographs on her blog, featured me and the items I am currently lusting after as part of her Blogger Wishlist series. You will probably recognize a few of the items from previous posts of mine, but there are some fun, beautiful newbies in there, as well!

Here are some clues to a few of the items I'm wanting at the moment:
Gwyneth Paltrow on The Marriage Ref wearing a Victoria Beckham dress and Tabitha Simmons Bailee suede shoes

Meg Ryan circa mid-90s in a promotional shot for one of my top three favorite movies, French Kiss

Good movie. Better apartment.
Vince Vaughn and Jen Anniston argue over their huge, stylish Chicago apartment in The Break Up


  1. I loved the Apartment in the breakup too! All that yummy art. Keeper!

  2. Love that look on Gwyneth. The girl looks great in pretty much everything.

    I loved French Kiss! It made France seem so romantic and I know Meg Ryan was the heroine and all, but how gorgeous was that Juliette?

  3. I love those shoes and sofa. My dogs would terrorize it as well.

  4. I recently found your blog and it has become one of my favorites. I love the apartment in The Break Up as well. I might even be willing to tolerate Vince Vaughn if I got to live there:)

  5. Hello Alaina, hopping over from Lanalou style. Love your wish list! And anybody who has a set of Waegner chairs on their list - gets 5 stars in my book! The shoes are also to die for.

    ox, Monika

  6. Looved (with two o's) your wish list. Glad to 'meet' another Chicago blogger!

  7. Fun! I'm headed over to check it out now...

  8. Thanks for taking part Alaina! Just look at how stunning that sofa looks!



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