Monday, August 2, 2010

Is this too much to ask for?

I have been going, going, going for around two weeks now. Last week was busy with the final planning leading up to my sister's wedding in addition to the fact that I had some sort of plans (dinner or what not) every night of the week. Then I went to Michigan for the wedding. And now this past weekend I've had a friend visiting from out-of-town, so needless to say, we've been running around Chicago all weekend seeing the sights. Don't get me wrong - life. is. good. But I am tiiiiiiired. Is it too much to ask for a day that I sleep in 'til 10 then spend the next few hours drinking cappuccinos, eating a croissant, and reading a new book (Devil in a White City is on the top of my list) at this charming Bakeri in Brooklyn?


  1. Devil in the White City is next on my reading list too! Hi from a fellow Syracuse designer :)


  2. I've been keeping up with your huge list of activities via your blog, and I can definitely vouch that you are deserving of a break and a big fat NAP.


  3. Nope! I think you deserve it...and I think I might need to join you cause I is EXHAUSTED

  4. To answer your question...


  5. hi i just discovered your pretty blog & you just made me crave for croissants! :)

  6. i couldn't relate to you more! lately i wake up and just want to play hooky - toss away the alarm, crawl back to bed, and then head to the coffee shop down the block for a lazy morning. alas... xo, Jane

  7. Haha I had the same problem- I gave in but then realized I spent $10 at the coffee shop, which is how much I make an hour. Not worth it!



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