Tuesday, May 11, 2010

See it Do it: LCY's Teacup Treasures

As promised in today's earlier post of my dresser makeover, here is another sneak peak at my very own dressing room (and yes, I feel ridiculous saying I have a dressing room).

I know this 'spring organization' picture of jewelry in teacups - compliments of Martha - made the rounds in the blogosphere. I absolutely love it. The colors. The jewels. The way it's all so neat and tidy. I wanted it for myself!

Fortunately for me, I just happened to have an antique teacup collection - something I randomly started back in high school when I spotted a beautiful teacup at an antique store with my mom and she bought it for me to start the collection. I only have five or so and they've been sitting in my old bedroom at my mom's house collecting dust. So when I saw the Martha Stewart picture, it made perfect sense for me to replicate it!

Pretty and perfectly feminine, yes?
I love the way my jewelry looks now.
All laid out, awaiting to join me at my next party.

The green and pink teacup in the top left, which is paper thin I might add, was the first in the collection.

Get ready for the full dressing room reveal tomorrow!


  1. Girl you are too talented at this stuff! Are you sure you don't want to be an interior designer? :) You would be amazing!

  2. Makes me want to take, no borrow my daughter's tea cups. :-) I guess I can start a collection of my own! Thanks for sharing.

  3. After the last two posts, I can't wait to see the full reveal!

  4. Oh wow! so pretty!!! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

  5. I missed that teacup picture.... but you can bet I snagged it right up! What a fantastic Idea... I have my Jewels resting in large shells and as much as I love the large shells... I am growing a little tired of them... there may be a drawer full of tea cups in my future!

  6. Tudo lindo como sempre'
    Amo esse tipo de jogo de jantar floral e para as joias ficou ainda mais lindo'

  7. I love love love this!! I'm a bit of a 'tea' lover and also have a small collection of antique tea cups! What a great way to use them....and our main bedroom is requiring a make-over!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics of your dressing room ;o)

  8. I love that Martha Stewart photo & I think that your display rivals Martha's! Nicely done. Can't wait to see the dressing room. xo

  9. that looks stunning!! and the mirror looks divine too! nice one...
    sal x

  10. SO cute. I read the original post in BluePrint when it was still around. Gorgeous!

  11. Love it! And don't be ashamed to have a dressing room - it's fabulous.x



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