Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LCY Chicago: Brimfield in Andersonville

While on one of my usual Andersonville excursions this past Sunday, joined by fellow Chicago bloggers Crystal and Jess, I went into what can best be described as 'hunter-chic' Brimfield (located on Clark). The store overflows with vintage and antique flea market finds, much of which has been reupholstered in plaids and thick wool fabrics. It's not exactly my style, but the well curated selection is definitely impressive.

I fell in love with the light-up, oversized letter 'B' they had displayed in the front of the store (pictured above), and now I'm on a mad hunt to find one at a more affordable price! Anyone know where these are available online?? Ebay? What the heckles should I search? Does anyone know what they're called?

Told you. Hunting chic.

loved the orange base of this lamp but would prefer to see it with a linen drum shade

also loved the orange and teal fabric on this chair - it was a nice break from the typical red and forest green plaid upholstery they have on everything else

Ooo candy cane striped canisters. That's fun to say.

the dresser above is stunning, and there are those stacked trunks we're seeing everywhere

cool chair, love the cubbies, and I am fairly certain Ikea sells a stool just like that

These green glasses were the other main thing I wanted to purchase, but like the light-up 'B,' the price tag was a teensy ridiculously. Especially considering the owner probably paid a fraction of the price for them at a flea market. Which reminds me, I need to get to the next Chicago Randolph St. Market! Fortunately for me, it's at the end of this month!


  1. I have been DYING to go to Brimfield, its on my mile-long list of To-Dos...That "B" needs to come home with me, don't you think??

  2. What a fun store! I discovered it a few months ago. It moved into the space previously occupied by one of my regular thrift shops.

  3. That store is amazing! I found it a couple months ago and wandered forever!
    Happy to find your blog - love keeping up with Chicago bloggers :)
    Happy Weekend!



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