Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Side by Side: Lea Michele at Fox's Upfront

So I'm going to give you two Side by Side's today because quite frankly, when I saw the photo on the right featured on What Would Glee Wear, I nearly went into shock. I looove Miss Lea Michele's fashion sense. I even blogged about it, calling her a Style Icon! And then she goes and pulls this? Was this her attempt to prove me wrong? The dress could have worked, but whatever redeeming qualities it had were completely negated by the birds nest pouf on her head and a failed attempt at dark seductress lips. And what's with the sourpuss face? I've heard rumors of you growing inner-diva, Miss Lea, but lighten up. You're on a show called Glee after all.

And this just makes zero sense. How do you go from looking so smokin' (albeit a bit too tan) at last year's Upfront event to a big hot mess at this year's - especially once you've catapulted to phenomenon-status fame?! In the words of Seth Meyer's, really, Lea Michele? Really?!?


  1. Totally agree 100%!! I did a post too about her being a style icon, she looks gorgeous 98% of the time. I guess everyone has their bad days??

  2. Totally agree. She looks awesome on the left and bizarre on the right. Good call.

  3. I agree! I do love the dress she is wearing but everything else has to go!

  4. how funny, because when i first saw that picture of her this morning i didn't recognize who it was! i guess every now and then there's going to be a 'fail'.
    xox alison

    a little p.s. - you might enjoy the Bubble Chandelier DIY post i did on my blog:

  5. Is it bad that I like it...haha..

    I think the darker, more mysterious look fits her. Granted, I love the bubbly songbird attitude she normally exudes, I think being a little darker here and there works...

    but hey, I going through that whole obsessed with a mess phase...

  6. I think the hair really kills the second outfit. She looks so fresh and pretty in the white.



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