Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LCY in NYC part 2

I believe I ended yesterday's post with me meeting Camila for lunch at Market Table. After we both enjoyed the delicious crispy chicken cutlet and salad, we ventured out into Soho. Of course, we didn't get far (literally just across the street) before the window display of a store caught our eye and we made our way in to a wonderful shop filled with vintage finds and gorgeous light fixtures. We were in Liza Sherman Antiques, the store that sold one, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker the gorgeous turquoise chandelier hanging in her Hamptons home (featured in Elle Decor).

37a Bedford St., New York, NY 10014
there's a clear glass version of the SJP chandelier

and a little mini one!

We stopped in the Dwell Studio sample sale, which would have been bonkers had either of us been in the market for bedding or baby accessories. Alas, we were not so we moved on... onto to Broome Street.

462 Broome St., New York, NY 10013
Where I was once again lured in by all the marvelous pieces I saw through the window.

Regretting not buying these white ceramic fruit baskets.

This linen couch was the perfect blush shade. Not overly feminine.

When I saw the store carried my favorite chair, the Wegner Wishbone in black, I just had to try it out. One day six of these beauties will sit around my dining room table. Here's hoping. : )

454 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013
And finally, we made it to the Kate Spade store, the main reason I wanted to meet up in Soho.

The store looks gorgeous, even when photographed with my little Powershot. The striped floor was perfection.

If there's one thing Kate does best, it's shoes.

Gallery-style art added much needed color and interest to an otherwise huge, blank wall.

I spy Scalamandre zebras in the fitting room...

...AND on a new line of bags! How fun for summer!

Goodbye, Ms. Spade. Until we meet again.

So Camila and I walked and chatter and popped in and out of stores until my feet could take it no longer. I hopped back uptown to grab my suitcase which Michelle Adams had so kindly stowed, hopped on the F line, made my way to Brooklyn and met up with my very best friends from Syracuse for a much needed girls reunion/bachelorette weekend.

Here is a brief rundown of Saturday:
If you're ever in Brooklyn, go to Dizzy's Diner for the muffins alone. They are handed out while you wait and served warm as an appetizer when you sit at your table. And they arrive with homemade blueberry or strawberry butter. Odds are you'll fill up on these seeing as you get an unlimited supply. But if you don't, I recommend the veggie wrap. Goat cheese, portobello mushroom, red pepper woah.

On a mission to find the bride some shoes, we stopped into Kleinfeld where my friend got her dress. I have never seen "Say Yes to the Dress," the television show that is filmed at Kleinfeld's, but it was kind of cool. And by cool I mean I'll be ordering my dress off the Internet and running back to Kate Spade for the perfect, sparkly, colorful, who-knows-what-else shoes.

Popped into Baked by Melissa for these tiny treats. We got an assortment of the mini-cupcakes. I recommend the Tie-dye (tastes like Funfetti) and the Red Velvet. How odd seeing as I'm a chocolate maniac.

We all needed to crash on this gorgeous bed after spending three hours in the Bloomingdales on the Upper East Side. It was my first time there, and it was just lovely. Everything you picture a beautiful department store being and then some. The first floor cosmetics section actually reminded me a lot of Selfridge's in London. Has anyone else ever been to both places and can corroborate that?

As you can see, it was a wonderful, fun trip, and I got to take in plenty of eye candy, just as I had hoped! Until next time, New York....


  1. The white ceramic fruit baskets are also available at Jayson Home + Garden in Chicago if you want to pick one up! :)

  2. I had such a great time browsing in SoHo! I also recently visited the outlets in Buffalo, NY and they have a Kate Spade store with some great sales - some really cute bags up to 50% off with another 10% on top. Hard to resist!

  3. I always want to go home shopping in other cities, I am over clothes at this point in my life, I am all about the home! But I never buy anything because I can't wrap my head around getting it home! And always have non-buyers remorse, like you with those cute fruit baskets! Must we just travel with empty steamer trunks or is there a better way!?

  4. Great eye candy from your trip, Alaina! I desperately want that cabinet with the million little drawers. Gorgeous!

  5. Hey there, I live in in nyc and you made it look gorgeous! what camera are you using? i am in the market for a new...

    thanks again for the colosseum print!


  6. Love the big bubbly chandelier. Seems like you had a fantastic time honey! how fun!!
    I dont know about bloomingdale's (unfortunately not yet) but the cosmetic section at Selfridges is one of my favorites!!

  7. sounds like one heck of a weekend. i love those ceramic fruit baskets and the kate spade striped floor.

  8. Alaina your NYC trip looked AMAZING. I'm 45 minutes out of the city by train and NEVER explore or do anything more than go in for a concert. You make me want to have a staycation vacation and enjoy all of the charm NYC has to offer. So glad you had a good time :)



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