Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amazing randomness.

Can't get enough of this. I'm guessing if you've never seen the show, the season finale would be an EXCELLENT place to start. It's going to be amazing as made evident in this video. Love the dresses. Love the song. Love Finn and Rachel.

...and for MORE finale goodness, listen to the songs they'll be singing. My favorite is Puck and Santana's rendition of Don't Stop Believing, but I'm also a sucker for Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Bohemian Rhapsody. Seriously. How do people not watch this show?! If you like music, you'll like Glee.

And finally, if you liked the black maxi dress from Boden that I was wearing in this picture from The Birdcage post, it's currently 25% off with free shipping! Amazing. Comes in five colors. I think I need the brown and blue paisley because I'm quirky like that.


  1. I am a new fan of Glee! I can't get enough of the singing. It's such refreshing idea for a show in the midst of so much reality TV.

  2. glee is the best. you should go to and see pics of mr. shuester...they are amazing!



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