Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LCY in NYC part 1: meeting the NY ladies, Michelle Adams and Camila Pavone

This past Friday I had the privilege of meeting two fellow design addicts on my day-long romp through Manhattan. Shortly after arriving in New York, I met up with THE Michelle Adams, founder and editor in chief of Lonny Magazine for coffee and croissants at Stumptown Coffee House. Michelle suggested the place, and I was excited to see it after having read about it on Sunday Suppers blog.

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of the Michigan native and I'm fairly certain I hit a never-before-heard decimal when I read her email agreeing to meet up for coffee. I'm a firm believer that Midwesterners are the nicest people around (brace yourself for backlash on that comment, Alaina), so it came to no surprise to see how down-to-earth and considerate Michelle was, despite her recent fame, success, and ever-growing fan club of design bloggers. We sat and chatted for a little over an hour (fortunately I caught her the day after the latest issue came out and not the week leading up to it), and when all was said and done, she's really just a cool girl. A cool girl who also happens to be brilliantly creative, insightful, and hard-working. She even lugged my suitcase back to her office so I wouldn't have to drag it around downtown all day as I shopped. I told you! Considerate, down-to-earth, and cool. Love this girl.

You might notice we both showed up head to toe in J.Crew, which I'm convinced is the perfect store for the gal who wants to look chic but spends all her energy and money accessorizing her coffee table.

Oh, and when I went to pick up my suitcase, guess who else I got to meet! The one and only Lonny cofounder and lead photographer, Patrick Cline, who, let me tell ya, is as handsome as he is talented. And then there's his accent... remind me again how I forgot to get a picture with him? That's what I get for going to New York on three hours of sleep.

The Ace Hotel - definitely recommend staying there if you're headed to the Big Apple any time soon. The design was bananas.

Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel. Cheap and delicious. Can't beat that.

This charming flower display greets guests in the entryway of the Ace Hotel on West 29th Street.

And yes I took a photo of the bathroom because I loved the design.

The French architecture of the building across the street from the Ace Hotel left me longing to be in Paris. Alas, I had more fabulous plans for the day. So I began making my way downtown...

I saw a photoshoot taking place in front of the Flat Iron Building at Broadway and 5th. Note the fall clothes the model has on. I wonder what magazine this will be in!

Hands down, the prettiest Home Depot I've ever seen.

And before long, I met up with Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door! You may have known that already if you're on Twitter or if you saw her post on Friday. Let me tell you, this lady is hysterical. We had such a blast chatting, laughing, and popping in and out of design stores around Soho (photos will be in tomorrow's post). And she was so patient with me once the blisters started kicking in. I never have the right shoes on for NYC!

all above photos are my own
Before shopping, however, was lunch at Market Table. It's located in the Village at the corner of Carmine and Bedford Streets, and I highly recommend it.

I had the scoop on this place thanks to Sunday Suppers writing a review on it. It looked absolutely charming in their photos and not insanely priced so I was sold.

Oh look! That was our waiter! He had on a sweet tie-dyed polo shirt that I now want for myself.

So yes. To say the least, Friday was a VERY good day. Granted I was absolutely exhausted and do not recommend the 6am flight. Do yourself a favor and get there the night before to make the most of your time.

So let's recap, in the past week, I've had the privilege of meeting:
1. Nathan Turner, LA-based designer and store owner
2. Nate Berkus, designer and TV personality
3. Louise Roe, fashion journalist (didn't actually talk to, but saw and sat 5 feet away from her)
4. Michelle Adams, founder of Lonny and Rubie Green
5. Camila Pavone, NY blogger and interior designer

THAT IS INSANE!!! Wow, have I mentioned lately how much I love blogging?!

Life. Is. Good.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast Miss Alaina! And don't forget, we'll get to add Eddie Ross to that list of design celebs later this week ;)

    Can't wait!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day! I love the looks of both places you ate at....yum!

  3. Thank you for the pictures, I cant wait for my next visit to NY now to try out these places!

  4. I'm so sorry I missed you in the city! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. looks like it was a fantastic time!

    & though i've never been to the ace hotel i've seen so many ridiculous photos of how awesome it is that i long to stay there the next time i'm back in nyc.

  6. Looks like you had a BLAST! No backlash from a Texas girl here when you say that Midwesterners are the nicest...I love me some southern hospitality, and definitely think Texans could give you a run for your money any day in terms of loud, open armed welcomes, but I think when it comes to genuine friendliness, Midwesterners have everyone beat! Jealous you got to meet Camila! Glad you had such a wonderful trip

  7. What a lovely trip!! I'm thinking about making a trip to NYC in September and will definitely take notes from yours.

  8. How fantastic! Michelle does seem like the sweetest girl on earth. I have that sweater---love the coral stripes : )

    xx Katie

  9. OOH Alaina what a great day you had!! so glad for you!!

  10. So happy for you! Karma is at work rewarding you!
    I can't wait to get back to blogging now that our move to MN is slated for mid-July.

  11. wow sounds like the best week ever!!

    ... and I am in head to toe J Crew right now. lol. Ok, actually Calvin Klein flats... but close enough :)

  12. SO glad that you had such a fabulous time!xx

  13. way jealous alaina! sounds like you're having an awesome week! when you visiting boston?!

  14. Sounds incredible!! Makes me want to take an impromptu trip to NYC, even though I'd be missing out on all the insane meet & greets :)

  15. What an amazing trip!! All those people you got to met is so fun!

  16. What a week!!!???! It makes me wish I lived on the east coast!

  17. WOW what a great trip....I would love to hang out with Michelle when Im in NYC ...she seems like such a cool girl. Glad you enjoyed NYC. :)))

  18. Oh my gosh ALAINA! You are too sweet- thank you so much for this post!! I had such a great time hanging out with you and am incredibly flattered that you even wanted to meet up! :) I'm glad to see the rest of your trip went well and that you got to visit Camila as well :)
    Thanks again, and I hope to see you next time you're in town!

  19. Such great shot. Looks fantastic.



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