Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Martha's Vineyard: Home Style

First off - thank you all so much for your support of Rue! The Twitter, Facebook, and list-serve have grown so quickly, and we're seeing it pop up on blogs everywhere! Thank you, thank you! Believe me when I say we are working our butts off to make sure the premiere issue impresses.

But now, back to Martha's Vineyard. Nate's cousins rented a beach house in Oak Bluffs and it was oh-so charming, I immediately started snapping pictures when I walked in (even though everyone was lounging around eating breakfast - they've seen the blog, they understand).

The old oil lanterns and the thrift store art hung in a column add to the charm of the space. And how great does that dark espresso-colored mantel look against the white wall?

Sign me up for striped floors!

The entire place was painted white with accents in various colors of water - teal, sky blue, grey, etc. Pretty sure the dining chairs are Pottery Barn.

A message board replaces an old window. Charm, charm, charm!

Such a sweet kitchen. With a bit of styling, this could easily make it's way into Coastal Living. Or Rue! The wooden ceiling, antique light fixture, all white dishes, and subway tile are timeless, beautiful elements.

What's a beach cottage without a breakfast nook?

This house had me at the staircase.

Enclosed sunroom off the front deck complete with wicker furniture and jute rug.

Rocking chairs everywhere! Every Gingerbread house in Oak Bluffs has a row of rocking chairs lining their massive front porch.

Case in point.
Gingerbread house. Massive front porch. Rocking chairs.

Gingerbread house. Massive front porch. Rocking chairs.

Gingerbread house. Massive front porch. Rocking chairs.

Oh, and did I mention the hydrangeas?! How could I forget? As soon as we pulled into Cape Cod, it was all I could talk about.

They are just so BLUE!

And they are EVERYWHERE! I just wanted to grab a pair of shears and go to town on them. What amazing centerpieces they'd be at my sister's beach wedding!


  1. The Oak Bluffs cottage looks gorgeous. I love the Vineyard and am partial to Oak Bluffs...especially the gingerbread houses in the Campground.

  2. there is such a distinct charm to MV homes* absolutely lovely. xx, Jane

  3. The hydrangeas are beautiful!!!

  4. incredibly charming, love all those details, and yes Rue material with some bit and bobs! :) Cant wait Alaina, such a beautiful project, can't stop congratulating you honestly!xo

  5. I have to say that while not necessarily my style, I love the hearts on the stair banister. Who am I kidding, I actually love hearts .... cheesy, I know...

    Have fun!

  6. Hi Alaina! Your relative who rented the cottage from us sent me a link to your blog. Love your aesthetic and your review of our house! We bought it 4 years ago and you should have seen it then! Cluttered & contact paper on all the walls & pea-green carpeting throughout. Blech! My husband & I had a lot of fun turning it around! Please let everyone know it's "rentable" @ (it's "Narragansett Cottage"). Thanks & good luck (and congrats to your sister!)

  7. Oh how fun, I love taking the ferry over to the Vineyard and the gingerbread houses always make me giggle just a bit. They are just too adorable.
    So happy Nina posted a link, I am putting it my "someday" folder, looks like a great house! Thanks for sharing



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