Monday, June 28, 2010

Martha's Vineyard: Wedding Style

This past weekend I ventured by taxi, plane, car, and boat to attend a wedding on Martha's Vineyard. Nate's older sister, Emily, was marrying her fiance, Jon, and they chose the Vineyard after having spent a lot of time there throughout their relationship. They had such a picturesque event with tons of personal details. I got a bit camera-happy to say the least. (It's never good when you leave for three days and return with more than 400 pictures.) So I have edited greatly and will be sharing photos from my trip over the course of this week. And what better place to start than the big event?!

The wedding was held at the Sailing Camp Park near Oak Bluffs in Martha's Vineyard. The ceremony overlooked the water, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Here comes the bride!
Nate's sister, Emily, looked perfect and naturally beautiful. She clearly was not sucked into the mannequin trap in which so many brides find themselves. You know the look: the bride's face is pulled back by the five hundred bobby pins in their hair, and the gallons of hairspray and make-up perfect the wax-figure fa├žade. Very Jersey Shore.

This is my favorite picture from the day. Emily smiling at her future husband while her father smiles at her. Oh my gosh, now I'm going to cry again.

Emily's tousled, half updo complete with flowers was the perfect look for the outdoor setting.

Can you spot the overly camera-happy me? I swear that camera never left my hand the entire weekend. Except when I went to refill my sangria.

That is one good looking couple!

Bridesmaids went the J.Crew route, all wearing different styles in the same color. Groomsmen were told to wear a suit and had matching ties.

The reception decor exuded a relaxed, country feel with white pitchers as vases, wildflowers, and light colors. And of course, I just LOVED the twinkle lights. As one friend put it, it was very "fairy-tale-esque."

The couple used little chalk boards with the names of various Martha's Vineyard spots in lieu of table numbers.

And instead of using a gagillion place cards, the seating arrangements were listed by table on old window panes.

I thought this Quaker tradition was lovely and unique. All guests signed the official wedding certificate as witnesses of the ceremony.

Another bit I really liked during this short but sweet ceremony was the passing of the rings. Everyone in attendance got to hold the rings for a moment and bless them as they wished.

Here I am with Eleanor and Sara, two of Nate's cousins. Don't we look like rainbow skittles?? I love it.

What I Wore:
Dress - Rolando Santana yellow silk dress
Belt - J.Crew studded skinny belt
Shoes - Kate Spade giraffe print
Purse - Banana Republic striped w/ oversize bow from forever ago
Bracelets - assorted J.Crew
Sunglasses - Tory Burch

Best Dressed Female
Loved the ruffled sleeves on her loose-fitting dress. I was not surprised to learn she bought it in Italy. Any of my readers abroad know of the designer/company Bonsui?
**Note: the dress actually wasn't white. It was a very soft beige/blue.

Best Dressed Male
happened to be the best man, David from Brooklyn. Boy's got taste.

Not a bad view from which to say "I do." Oo I made a rhyme!

Cocktail hour complete with horse shoes and bocce ball and lot of sinking heels in the grass.

Nate and I with his mom. I loved how our bright dresses looked together!

Siblings tearing up the dance floor.

More pictures of Martha's Vineyard architecture and interiors to follow later this week!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!

    I love that they played bocce ball!

  2. It looks to have been a gorgeous wedding at which everyone had a lovely time!

    If you think 400 photos in 3 days is bad... I took 500 just on my cousin's wedding day alone. (I'm addicted... I'm seeking help. (: haha)

  3. love everything, and the location is gorgeous!!

  4. I adore the window pane seating chart. how simple, location appropriate, and green! I only wish I could've heard the Nate original.

  5. The "best dressed female" looked lovely, but what about the whole "not wearing white" to a wedding?

  6. That wedding looked amazing...venue, decor, guests, and all!

  7. What a beautiful wedding! I love MV and the weather was perfect.

    Love your dress too!

  8. Great pictures! It truly was an amazing time.

  9. so fun! such a pretty wedding! love your dress and i didn't know nate could sing? i want to hear the serenade next time i come over ;)

  10. Looks lovely! Love that you crowned best dressers!!!

  11. Looked absolutely lovely! I second the whole not wearing white to another person's wedding. Isn't that a major no no?

  12. wow, what a beautiful wedding. I love all green, the country flair and simple elegance. I can see why you took so many photos, so inspiring. Your outfit was adorable as well. I think I'll have to check out bluefly more.

  13. My family has a house on the vineyard and I've spent every summer of my life there. I know exactly where this is. I can't wait to get married there myself. So lovely.

  14. What a gorgeous Bride/wedding!!!! You also Looked lovely! Thanks for breaking down your outfit. I asked about your clutch purse the other day....Thanks for the details,but I bummed you got it forever ago... I want it!
    Love your blog, Thanks!!

  15. Love the pictures. What a perfect wedding... tasteful, beautiful and fun.

  16. Beautiful wedding! I can't wait to see more pictures from the trip! Loved your outfit & the bride's dress!

  17. I love the idea of passing the rings around for everyone to see as well as having all guests sign the wedding certificate. I always like weddings that let the guests participate on an intimate level.

  18. This is where I got married 15years ago. We now live here on the island and enjoy it everyday!



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