Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"These vagabond shoes, they're longing to stray..."

...right through the very heart of it. New York. New York!"

That's right folks. I am heading to NYC this weekend and have all of Friday TO MYSELF to wander the city. Talk about a DREAM. Last time I visited a few years ago, I was with Nate and had to drag him into some of the boutiques around the Upper East Side. He was patient though. This time I plan to indulge and treat myself to all the eye candy NYC has to offer.

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! What shops and restaurants should I not miss??

As of right now, I plan on visiting the following stores.

Question: Do I see the flagship on 5th Avenue or the store on Broome Street?

J.Crew Bridal in the Upper East Side



Like I said, I am by myself on Friday - so please give me STORE suggestions. Mostly in the Upper East Side and Soho/Village areas. Any good flea markets going on?

As for Saturday and Sunday, I am with two of my bff from college for a bachelorette-type get-together. Dinner at Butter on Saturday is all I've got. The bride-to-be lives in Brooklyn, so feel free to suggest happenings going on on that side of the Bridge.

PLEASE! Suggest away!

ALSO. My friend has asked me to seek out a great make-up artist/hair stylist in the NYC area who would be available for a wedding the last weekend of August. Help!


  1. Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn is great!

  2. ABC Carpet & Home (888 Broadway)! Spent a Friday alone in NYC once and probably spent 2 hours in here. I can't remember where it is compared to your location, but it can't be that far. There was a farmers market going on right outside and tons of cute cafes. Love!

  3. I am so jealous! NYC is my favorite.

    As for the wedding make-up/hair, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is always a safe bet.

  4. Def head to Soho (there's a Kate Spade there) and walk around the streets- nearby on Broadway is Top Shop!! :) Have a great time!

  5. Fashion Stores: Pas de Deux, Barneys, Intermix, Calypso, Topshop, Edon Manor, What Goes Around Comes Around, Amarcord

    Home Stores: ABC Home, Jonathan Adler, CB2, Ligne Roset, DWR (the annex is Secaucus NJ has AMAZING deals, if you have a car), Moss, Old Good Things, Paula Rubenstein

    Restaurants: There are so many, but here are some of my fav's:
    Expensive: Aureole, Le Bernardin, Per Se, Bouley, Peter Luger Steak House (Brooklyn), Felidia
    Moderate: Trattoria Toscana, Cafeteria, Gemma, DB Bistro Moderne, Pepolino, Cocolate Room (Brooklyn - insane desserts!), Di Fara (my favorite pizza joint in the US, but be prepared to wait)

    The Box would be perfect for after dinner cocktails, it's very tongue-in-cheek chic! It's not the easiest place to get into, so call ahead. This is NY Mags review "This particular box was a defunct twenties sign factory until Serge Becker (La Esquina, 205) joined theater folk Richard Kimmel, Randy Weiner, and Simon Hammerstein in reimagining it as an intimate Hammerstein Ballroom (which was built by Simon’s grandfather Oscar). So now, up a curving, Persian-rugged staircase is a mezzanine of armchairs gathered around a display of antique bottles exhumed during construction. The newly New Orleans–style balustrade overlooks bejeweled chandeliers and a mirrored back bar equipped with towering molded cabinets. The small bar upstairs caters to those dining in the velvet-curtained balcony booths; downstairs, dinner unfolds in spacious U-booths a step up from the parquet floor. The state-of-the-art stage is graced by circus stars, human oddities, and avant-garde thespians from France, Russia, and even Brighton Beach—a mix as fanciful and incongruous as the layered wallpaper of cherubs, Chinese fighting fish, and flappers."

  6. I love your liz lemon pic.

    I have not been to this new "pop bar" but if I was going to NYC I'd make this stop a priority:

    Have a blast!

  7. Oh, and for wedding hair and makeup, for my wedding I used The Pink Comb Salon for hair ( ) and Jeanine Mangan for makeup ( ). Both vendors are based in NJ, but travel to the location of the wedding. They both did an amazing job, I couldn't have been more pleased!

  8. oOo

    Some of my favorites in the city:

    Shake Shack in Madison Square's a tiny little place, no indoor seating, so table service, but they make the besttttt hamburgers and shakes-you can tell by the crazy long line that is always worth the wait

    The Tiffany's and Louis stores on 5th Ave are always fun to wander around.

    If you like books, you can't miss the Strand in Union Square-it's a book lovers dream.

    Have a great time!

  9. River Mart in SOHO! So many fun home accessories there!

    I may even be in the city on Friday. Let me know we can drag each other around home stores!

    I second pop-bar too. I just found it online the other day, but I'm itching to go there!

  10. oooh how cool!!! lucky you!!
    ps: is that a new print? love it!

  11. Hi, frequent lurker first time commenter. I do hope you enjoy your stay in NYC and I kindly recommend momofuku,Shake Shack and of course a trip to the newly Anthropologie store around the Chelsea market.


  12. I am so jelly! I have never been. I say go to the flagship store on 5th for Kate Spade. Take tons of pictures of the JCrew Bridal boutique, post them immediatly, and dress up like a gossip girl for Butter. :) I'm such a dork.

  13. You must visit a Sabon boutique. They have several locations all over the city. 'Good' in the West Village is a fabulous restaurant surrounded by darling shops. Enjoy!x

  14. I love to walk around the garment district when i'm in NY and pop into stores like M&J Trimming to stock on crafty ribbons and stuff that I can't here!

    Hope you have fun!

  15. umm... I've never been, but look what I just saw on the Dwell Studio blog:

    For all of you in the NYC-area who love a good bargain, definitely try to stop by our sample sale in Soho starting this Friday!

    421 West Broadway (btwn Prince & Spring)
    June 11 - 20 Open every day 10am - 8pm

    I'm jealous just thinking about the fact that you may be able to go!

  16. been to Butter, not worth the hype!

  17. aww lucky! NYC is my favorite!!

    When Ben proposed, he first took me to dinner at Kittichai, a restaurant in Soho. They had the most AMAZING food and the best service either of us have ever had.

    They also had a really chic rooftop bar, from which you could see the entire city. It was truly an incredible experience! Just make sure you call a few days i advance, especially for the rooftop bar.

    I hope you have an amazing time!! :)

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  19. I just discovered your blog and have been scrolling through the archives all evening ( you are insanely inspiring and your apt is gorg), but my heart just about stopped when i saw this print.

    this is one of my favorite liz lemon quotes ever (and i'm a liz lemon fanatic. FANATIC, i tell you. as in quoting is a daily thing between my boyfriend and I). PLUS, i dream of living in nyc, so this was seemingly made for me.

    the print doesn't seem to be available anymore :( is there any possibility of more of this fabulous item in the future?



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