Thursday, July 1, 2010

Andrea's Wedding: The Fashion

Sticking with the spirit of wedding-related posts this week, I've had so many requests as to what I'll be wearing at my sister's intimate beach wedding this summer, and even triple the requests about Andrea's dress. I don't want to leave you all in the dark, but I also want her gown to be a surprise, so I'm giving you a sneak peak at three of the dresses she tried on, one of which she chose. And let me tell you, for you laid-back, non-Bridezillas out there, this is the way to go. She ordered a bunch of gowns online in her size, had them all delivered to my mom's house, we opened a bottle of champagne, and she went to town trying them all on. They were all so beautiful, and many are reasonably priced (and they give teachers a discount!!!). I highly recommend this if you're not looking for the headache that is bridal boutiques and crying families who get all choked up when their baby girl finds "the one."

Dune Gown

Taryn Gown

Whitney Gown

So yes. It's one of the above gowns. But you won't know which one until August, after pictures are uploaded!

I will be donning the Lois shift dress from Calypso that you may remember I blogged about back in April. Perfectly beachy, yes? I just wish my hair was as sun-kissed as the model's.

The two lil' flower girls will be wearing this blush-colored Katy dress, also from J.Crew. Casual. Comfortable. Cotton. Perfect for a hot July day.

I'm not positive if this is still happening, but I know Andrea wanted Paul in a light-colored vest, similar to the look above. Fingers crossed that pans out because this guy looks f. i. n. e.

I can't remember if I've shown you, but this is where the ceremony will take place.

Kind of perfect, yes?

And I just had to share a shot of the puppers from the night Andrea tried on her dresses. They go with me everywhere, no matter how sleepy they are.


  1. ooohh i love the middle gown. But they are all stunning! That 'groom' is not bad either (as is the outfit!)
    sal x

  2. I think it will be gown #2. Give us some insight as to what the mother's will be wearing. Who are the two little flower girls going to be; cousins, godchildren? As this is a beach wedding, will there be flowers in the hair?

  3. I really wish Paul could wear that ensemble but J-Crew doesn't make it in a tall length! He is 6'5 and it looked more like a mid-drift then a vest....we're still looking :)

  4. Ahhh!! I adore all of those dresses!! Can't wait to see which one she picks :)

    PS godilovejcrew.

  5. Andrea looked beautiful in all of the dresses. J. Crew has an amazing selection. As for myself -still looking.

  6. I def have a favorite but they are all beautiful! That sounds like such a lovely way to try on dresses...I went a few times with my girlfriends, and it was more the people working there that drove us INSANE, we were there to play! That said, I never really had a OMG THIS IS THE ONE moment, I absolutely love my dress and couldn't imagine it being more perfect, but I dont know! Maybe when I go to my last fitting it will sink it but I think it just all felt too surreal! Can't wait to see what she chooses!

  7. I love all of the dresses, I don't know how she could pick just one! All of the fashion you chose is gorgeous and will look great for a wedding. Got myself some inspiration too since my wedding will be simple and these pieces kind of match our theme. Thanks!

  8. love the choices. I adore the flower girl dress. Its perfect for a beach wedding. Looks like it will be a elegant beach wedding!

  9. I love the second gown. The puppies are too cute.

  10. I'm just repeating everyone else, but I love the 2nd gown. So jealous of that wedding site. Looks beautiful!

  11. Must have been a hard choice--all three are FAB, but I think I'm a little more drawn to #1.

  12. Wow, looks like it's going to an incredible wedding! Enjoy your weekend and congrats on Rue!!

  13. My sister just got on engaged on the 4th of July and she's considering buying those dresses to try on! I can't wait to find out which one your sister wears; it will be nice to see it on an actual bride :)



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