Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy Woah Before and After

I am sure many of you saw this post on La Dolce Vita yesterday, but hold the phone, I KNOW THIS CRAZY TALENTED DESIGNER! I knew Bailey loved interior design but this is the first time I've really seen what she can do. And O. M. G. I told her this is one of the best before/after's I've seen in a long time. Can you believe this is her first client and the girl is 24?! Oh the places she'll go...

Seemingly hopeless, awkwardly shaped office...

...transforms into this jaw-dropping tasting room for the two chefs that work here.
I mean, what?!? Those ceiling tiles! And the espresso floors! And the Saarinen table! And the chandelier! And the vintage bar console! And the white mirror! And the trophy vase with flowers! And the place isn't even finished and it looks this good.


What I'm trying to say is Bravo, Miss B. Bravo.


  1. I absolutely love it. Where can I find that table???

  2. Bravo is right!!!! I absolutely love that mirror! Lucky chefs.

  3. Oooh I love Bailey, how incredibly gorgeous! She did such an amazing work really!

  4. Awesome before and after!! And guess what, it makes me want to have a round mini bar tray now. Gotta get looking...

    By the way, thanks for the tostada (I hope this isn't too gross, but I ate it for lunch...)

  5. I know, right? I mean I knew she was witty but the girl is crazy talented.

  6. Whoa! That's crazy good! I'm in love with the whole thing!

  7. Have you seen Eclipse yet???

    I saw it at the IMAX on Sunday and absolutely LOVED it!! I couldn't believe how similar it was to the book!

  8. That is a truly beautiful space. I like the mix of all the dark with the light and then the pop of color. How could anything ever taste bad in there!

  9. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments! You have no idea how encouraging it is, and I am blown away by how gracious MissAlainaPants is for posting this.
    Anon: The tulip table was from or evinco designs? google evinco tulip table and it should come up. It was def a splurge in the space, but was majorly discounted there from other places I have seen it.

    I love you all like Britney and Cheetoes, and if you know me, you know that is a lot of love.

  10. Bailey is super talented! I love love love the room. can't wait to see her house :)

    xoxoxo fallon

  11. Way to go! Just from reading Peppermint Bliss, this screams Bailey to me ~ I'd describe it as elegantly quirky, or quirkily elegant ;)



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