Thursday, July 22, 2010

LCY presents: "Elements of Style" based on the true story of Erin Gates

Wow - I have been waiting to share the movie of Erin Gates' life since April! The popular blogger behind Elements of Style was one of the first to submit her answers, and her humorous and stylish responses got me so excited for this guest series. Without further ado, LCY presents to you what the biopic of Erin Gates' life would be like!

1. Who would play you in the movie about your life and why?

Oh geez - well everyone keeps telling me Anne Hathaway is my doppelganger but I would choose Rachel McAdams because I think she could be equal parts funny, dramatic, deep, shallow, awkward, graceful, and annoying. Like me. :)

2. Who would play your love interest and/or best friend in the movie and why?

My husband would be played by Ryan Reynolds- they have very similar sarcastic, goofy personalities and I think he is pretty much the hottest thing around.

3. Where does the movie primarily take place and why?

Boston fo’ sho’. I love this place and wouldn’t want it shot anywhere else.
4. Where do you go in the vacation scene that inevitably
takes place in every movie?

Barcelona is currently my city of choice to visit to, so I’d have to chose the Hotel Pulitzer - lots of fabulous architecture, music, food and wine to set the stage for plenty of film worthy hijinks.via

5. The first scene is a shot of your feet walking down a street - what shoes are you wearing?

For sure these Alexander Wang leopard wedges- I love love love the comfort of wedges and animal print anything so these sum me up to a T!
6. What are some key wardrobe pieces you'd insist your character wear?

A fabulous DVF wrap dress is my signature piece so one of those for sure,

a tweed Chanel jacket,
great jeans,

a Tory tunic,

perfect nude pumps by Louboutin,

and a killer maxi dress,

a big studded bag to hold all my work stuff and personal items,

and my fave Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses.

7. What song plays during the opening credits?

I spend a really strange amount of time curating playlists that could serve as soundtracks to my real life so this question is tough! Either Black Swan by Thom York, Breathe Me by Sia (somber, but an all time fave), 15 Step by Radiohead or Freedom by George Michael Quite a variety, huh? Although I’ve been told it should be Madonna’s Material Girl... LOL

8. What section of Netflix will the DVD be filed under: Action and Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance?

Comedy, for SURE. :) Although sometimes it could be filed under perhaps a “black comedy”. :) And it would be directed by Wes Anderson FOR SURE.

9. How big a role does your blog, Elements of Style, play in the movie?

The blog would be a huge role since it’s gotten me everything I have professionally and has been quite the adventure!

10. What is the name of the movie and its tagline?

No idea for a title at press time. :) “The Untitled Erin Gates Project” LOL.via

Thank you so much Erin! Inspirational, as always. And I'm pretty sure a Rachel McAdams/Ryan Reynolds combo would sell out theaters nationwide!


  1. Such a fun post! Erin, I'd definitely watch your stylish/funny/inspirational movie!

  2. That is so much fun! Lots to think about to come up with the movie that would represent yourself! I enjoyed your post!

  3. Such fun posts! Love when you do these! Great idea!

  4. What an awesome idea. Love.

  5. I love these series, so original! Erin did a greta job for sure, fun!!

  6. I love your taste, and it's amazing how you resemble Anne Hathaway (or maybe it's the other way around :P)

  7. This is such a great series, my first time here on your blog....great one by the way!!!

  8. What a awesome series. Such a unique idea!

  9. What a fun series! Who wouldn't want to imagine how your movie would be! Sure hope mine is a comedy...

  10. This is one of my favorite series and this one in particular was great!

  11. Such a fun series! I loved reading Erin's answers.

  12. Haha, what a great series!! Erin, I'd watch your movie for sure!

    :) xx

  13. Really great idea for a guest post series! Who doesn't think about who'd play you in the movie of you own life? :)



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