Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Atypical Typography

We all have a favorite fashion or interior designer, writer or singer, playwright or actor, real estate mogul or businessman. Whether or not we share their profession, we admire their work and look to it for inspiration. I couldn't help but laugh when I was chatting with my sister yesterday, and I said, "So I was just checking out some recent projects from my favorite graphic designer..." and I realized I must be one of a select few who have a favorite graphic designer.

Many of you probably know Jessica Hische as the creative genius behind the Daily Drop Cap, a typographic project that spread like wildfire throughout blogland. Well, I've familiarized myself with her portfolio almost to the point of creepy; I love her manipulation of type and they way words become art on a page.

And I simply fell in love with this series she created for a story in People magazine on the Twilight trio. Details of note: the color gradient in the letters, the disparities among the three seemingly identical designs, the delicate swirls that accent the angular type. Needless to say I've added all three to my ever-growing Jessica Hische inspiration folder.


  1. Very pretty. Also, I think typography is such a unique interest, something most of us probably just breeze past while ogling Rob Pattinson.

  2. can you believe that I've never seen the daily drop cap? onto looking at it now :)

  3. A favorite graphic designer...

    You're original; that's why we (or I anyways!) like you:).

  4. Ummmm....*curling up my lip and raising my eyebrows...I think it's pretty. (I wouldn't even have noticed it as graphic design...sorry. :-/) I crochet!!!

  5. I absolutely share your propensity for having a favorite graphic designer...but I'm not nearly so loyal, and my favorites vary week to week. Presently loving Bri Emery's work - and Jessica is, of course, a typographic goddess :)

  6. I was tickled to see that you have a favorite graphic designer. I recently graduated from art school, where most of my friends were GD majors. I thought you might enjoy a couple more links to some of my friends design and type work... although most of them have decidedly less feminine work than Jessica Hische. You should check them out, you know, so that you know the new guard of the graphic design world.

  7. I would never readily notice something like that. I wish I would, but let's face it, I probably wouldn't. But I sure do like it when you point it out!

  8. Love it...though I must admit, I was a little distracted by the pic of R. Patz ;)

  9. Nice one its a creative design work i like it.
    Thanks for share with us.



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