Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion vs Furnishings 8.6.10

I present to you the first installment in yet another new series. Fridays will feature the great debate: Fashion vs Furnishings. I've discussed this with fellow design junkies before. We constantly find ourselves questioning whether to spend $200 on a comfortable new desk chair, but we have no problem whipping out the credit card for a pair of rockin' heels of the same value. I have no idea why this is seeing as that chair will likely last much longer than the pair of heels. Not to mention we'll probably get more use out of the chair. So why do we do this silly dance when it comes to purchasing items for the home?

Starting today, Fridays will feature two items that are currently available for approximately the same price - one fashion-related, one to furnish your home. Note: I predict 9 times out of 10, it will be a personal debate between two items I love and want for myself.

Italian suede with a 4" heel

an affordable alternative to the iconic Eames Aluminum Chair

You have $230. Which do you buy?


  1. The chair! I live in Europe and can't wear heels around so much...ha...but that's kinda cheating, huh? Suede esp. gets so dirty and them though. Great series.

  2. I agree the chair as I do a lot of paperwork and computer work and would like my back to be as comfortable as ever. I love the shoes, but also cannot wear those high of heals any more. This is a great feature to do. Thanks Alaina.

  3. I'd love to say the chair, but I know myself and somehow I would rationalize that the shoes are a more justified purpose. Why? I have no idea, because the opposite is actually true. Love this idea Alaina! Can't wait to see next week's post.


  4. chair. jcrew shoes are incredibly uncomfortable.

  5. What a fun series!

    I'll go with the shoes. I'm a sucker for suede.

  6. Chair for sure!!! That's a great eames-esque chair!!!

  7. The shoes!! Shoes make the outfit and tan suede will go with everything! Happy shopping

  8. I have this debate with myself all the time! I usually rationalize it down to three questions:

    1)Which item will stand the test of time? If the answer is both, then I revert to question number 2
    2) Will I be able to get one of the items on sale in a couple months?
    3) Uses per wear (or in this case sit)- Which item will I use more frequently?

    In this case I would say the chair. Here would be my answers:
    1) I think both choices would stand the test of time
    2) J.Crew shoes go on sale pretty often, you can probably get them in a few weeks/months at a discount, or find a similar pair at a lower price. Whereas the chair has already been discounted, it is unlikely that the price will drop much more.
    3) If I worked at home, I would definitely get more use out of the chair. I would sit in it for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week for my job, plus personnel time spent on the computer outside the work day. In addition, living in the north-east, suede shoes are not going to be an everyday shoe for me.

    I recently had the same debate with myself over a pricey handbag that I had coveted for years (since I was 10) or the dining table and chairs that I knew my family and I would enjoy - needless to say, I went with the table and chairs (but I think my love of food may have factored into this decision as well!)

  9. I love the new series! I'd probably end up going for the shoes. I live in a studio apartment so I don't have much space left for any new furniture. closet is pretty full, too!

  10. Looooooove it.
    Definitely the chair. :)
    I love fashionable items and will pay extra if/when I need to. But I get more of a HIGH (ever since I ended a 12 year corporate career to stay home and raise my children) from spending less than more. Not less as in going shoe shopping at Walmart... less as in great 'finds' that are worth more, for less.
    - a serious high... way more of a high than I ever felt paying TONS of money for 'fashion' in my working days.

  11. Haha every design junkies dilemma. The shoes for sure though. Only because I want my best memories to be outside, in the world with other people. Drop a cute pillow on my old folding chair and I won't even think about it again until the pillow goes flat.

  12. I have to say the chair because I would probably break an ankle in the heals! But honestly, I feel better about spending the cash on furniture as it will last...and I am about to begin working at home, so even better!

  13. Ooh, I love this feature!
    I also have to go with the chair. The shoes are very cute, but the chair is so classic and comfortable.

  14. This is going to be fun!
    This week I say furnishing - chair all the way! I'm a flats gal. :)

  15. The ::drum roll:: chair.

    I'm a ballet flat kinda girl and I love that chair!!!

  16. My vote is totally for the shoes. Love the color and style!

    Not so fond of the chair, and I don't really have a desk to use it at.

  17. Love both!!!! I'm going to adopt this exercise to rationalize getting furniture "Yes, the chair is over $200, but it's a much better value than shoes that will only last a couple of years"

  18. I have a version of that chair and LOOVE it. It was a great debate beforehand though!

  19. I wish I could say the chair, but I'd definitely take the shoes!

  20. The chair! This one already has one of the top spots on my Offce Chair Wishlist, but even so, it's easier for me to stomach spending more on furniture than it is on clothing and shoes!

  21. I have the exact chair. You will love it : )

    xx Katie



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