Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lonny Redesign

Did anyone else notice the new typeface in the August issue of Lonny? I did. And I like! It reminds me of Silver Thread, the font J.Crew uses in all of their marketing items, a favorite font of mine since they began featuring it last year. In fact, it just might be Silver Thread! Interesting...

While I wasn't getting much inspiration from the shabby chic interiors featured in a few of the stories, I did love how the photos were presented. This scrapbook-like montage was a genius way to display a day at the flea market; the antiques and vintage items surrounding you at a market all represent a distant moment in time much like a scrapbook reveals distant memories from another time.

As always, bravo Michelle, Pat, and the team!


  1. Loved the department designed by Ryan Korban and some of the exotic elements of the cover story. Vicente Wolf's getaway house was also beautiful.

  2. love your take on lonny mag! it's fabulous to look at it from a graphic design perspective, and to learn about specific font names : )!

  3. I wish I could notice little things like font changes! I had no clue. And I agree-- I thought the scrapbook-esque montage used to display photos taken at the flea market worked very well.
    I have a soft spot in my heart for rachel ashwell-- did you ever watch her TV show on the style network in the early 2000's?! In high school, I was obsessed!(I'm a little embarrassed to admit it , haha)
    talk soon :)
    xoxoxoxo fallon

  4. You are a Grade A Nerd for noticing that, and that is why I love you/hired you/trust you implicitly with all graphic situations in life.

  5. It takes an amazing graphic designer to notice font change - love your talent.

  6. Love the magazine!! I am hosting a jewelry giveaway and would love for you to stop by.Take care Anu!!

  7. I am so glad someone else notices typography details like I do;) I love that font. So clean.
    :D Anna



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