Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shaken, Not Stirred

I dare you to open a shelter magazine and not find at least one bar cart staring you in the face. Perfect for the perpetual entertainer or the overworked decorator, having a bar on display in the home adds color, texture, and personality with a hint of retro glamour (a la Mad Men). Not to mention its wildly convenient after a long day with a cranky client.

But finding the right cart is not that easy. You're more likely to find one in a resale shop than at any retailer. Fortunately, if you're in the market, Restoration Hardware's Duncan Bar Cart is currently available for half off online - only $250! I'd snatch one up for myself if I didn't already have a pretty lil' home for all my booze.


  1. I love the folding carts/tray tables. They serve multi purposes and can fold (obviously) when you need the room). Also, something about them is so elegant...

  2. I like the idea of a bar cart but even though my kids are young I feel that there is certain responsibility in keeping spirits in a place that can be locked-
    They will be teenagers at some point-

  3. I'm seeing more and more of these in stores, some without wheels so I'm not sure if that disqualifies them from being carts?

  4. Great find - I have loved this bar cart for some time!



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