Thursday, August 26, 2010

Style Clique Quiz

How fun is this W Magazine article by Armand Limnander comparing high school cliques to adult cliques in the fashion world?
I'd have to say I'm a good mix of "Valedictorian" and "Girl Who Eats Her Feelings." I love Brigitte Bardot & Prada along with Audrey Hepburn & Calvin Klein. But where is "Prep School" girl? The one who idolizes Kate Middleton's style, pairs fitted blazers with tall leather boots, gets giddy upon entering a Ralph Lauren store, and dreams of moving to the English countryside to pen the next Harry Potter-crazed series? What was that? Just me? Oh.

Alright, ladies, fess up. Which gal one are you?


  1. Great post!

    I would be a mix of the party animal, and the valedictorian, with a touch of the girl who eats her feelings.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Alaina, I love your little description there at the end! I am probably a mix between the valedictorian and the virgin suicide one! But, I ask, where is the Little Miss Priss one? You know, the girl who cleans her soap and is never without a strand of pearls?

  3. I'm proudly the girl who eats her feelings if it means getting all Mad Men in curve-enhancing dresses!

  4. love it! i have to think who I am though, a mix and match i think ;)

  5. I totally eat my feelings. But I would also have a touch of your "Miss Prep".

  6. virgin suicide
    minus the Mother Theresa influence

  7. I am definitley a mix of the Girl Who Eats Her Feelings (although I really don't like that name) and your Prep School girl....

    And, no, you are NOT the only one who dreams of moving to the English countryside and writing the next HP-crazed series.

    Though I'd prefer the Irish countryside. :)

  8. The girl who eats her feelings (when I've little 'indulgent' in the eating category) and the prepster with a wild streak (when my figure allows, which has sadly not happened for quite some time).

    Sooooooooo, which color was it??? Don't leave us hanging!

    Oh- and love the new colors (on your blog, that is:).

  9. Brilliant!

    Girl Who Eats Her Feelings + Virgin Suicides + me!!

    great fun post





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