Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guest Post and The Verdict is In

Hello, lovelies! Today I am sending you over to designer Kelley Moore's blog to read a guest post I did, part 2 of 4 Kelley will feature on the Rue team! It's a fun Q&A where you'll learn everything from the three things I cannot live without to what I consider the best event I've ever attended. So go on - check it out!

And you can find last week's post on Caitlin Flemming, Rue's Market Editor, here.

For the 71 people who partook (what a goofy looking word) in the fun debate as to what color I should paint my bar tray - grey, black, white, or teal - and have since been waiting with bated breath as to what color I chose, I have news. 1. The results are in, and black wins 32 (other contenders grey and teal both had 16 votes). 2. I didn't paint it! For now I just switched the dark espresso-colored West Elm tray I've had on my coffee table in to see how the dark would look. I love it! Tres chic, no?

Unfortunately that means the ugly wicker tray is now on my coffee table, so I will let you know when I decide to do something with that. I want a new coffee table before I make any rash decisions, so it may be a while...

As always, thank you so much for the help!



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