Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stylish Blogger, Stylish Studio

You might remember my friend (and stylist) David Dailey. You know... my sister's coworker/Chicago fashion blogger/the night we met we were wearing matching outfits? Yes, well, it just so happens this stylish blogger also has a stylish studio apartment. Shocking, I know.

I had to steal the photos he posted on his blog and share them with all of you. I'm always a bit stumped when it comes to decorating for men, and I was completely inspired by the punches of primary color he used against the otherwise neutral elements. The loud yellows and reds are a great departure from my go-to colors for masculine decor: navy, black, and grey. And the painted door-turned-headboard? Genius.

His studio apartment offers a perfect mix of DIY bargain finds, vibrant colors, and decorative wall accents. Bravo, David! If you've never checked out his witty, fashion-forward blog, The Dailey Dish, hop on over now and check it out. You might even spot yours truly.


  1. Finally another boy related post! He's done a swell job!

  2. Awesome space. That blue headboard is rockin'! Is it a door?! Either way, I like it.

  3. i REALLY like the idea of a door as a headboard.

    you know they say headboards are very very important for relationships. i don't exactly know who they are...but i've always heard this.

  4. Okay, so this isn't really about the space, but...

    Yesterday I noticed that one of the prints I ordered from you a few months ago had slipped a little in its frame, so as I was adjusting it, a thought hit me.

    One of the Rue girls illustrated a picture that I have hanging in my living room! I once held a sticky note written on by Alaina of Rue! I just felt very cool by association and thought you should know.

  5. I love the door/ headboard.

    Such a perfect shade of blue.



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