Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LCY Listens: Mumford and Sons

One of my favorite recurring moments in life is when Nate enters my office, takes over my keyboard, and states confidently: "I have a song for you." When it turns out that I do in fact love the song, I typically add it to my playlist, listen to it on a constant loop for several months, and there it will stay until I get sick of it.

A more recent addition to my playlist are several songs by the band Mumford and Sons, my favorite of which is Little Lion Man. This is the tune Nate came to me with, and I was immediately captivated by the song's bold sound; the perfect pluck pluck pluck of the string instruments combines with the lead singer's rough voice to make this a bit of rock/bit of folk musical combo. Adding to the quality of the music is the beautiful art direction of the video itself. Of course, it helps that the four scruffy-bearded musicians look like they fell out of the movie Newsies. Helloooo vests. But the lighting, the setting, the angles, the dramatic motions of their playing make each and every frame a carefully thought-out photograph. See below.

Gorgeous, right? I've watched this video repeatedly and notice something new and beautiful each time. If it's not your kind of music - well, first I say what?!? how?!? shame on you - but at least watch 2:30-3:30. Between the flickering lighting, the close-up of the fingers strumming, and the four figures passionately hunched over playing their instruments, it reminds me of watching an old film. The perfect harmonization of four handsome singers never hurt, either. Oh. And they're British. : )

Second favorite song: White Blank Page

Third favorite song: The Cave

You can find a few more on my playlist, but to be honest, I recommend going on iTunes and buying their album. Enjoy!


  1. Ohhh, I think I have a new favorite song (and a few new crushes to boot)! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been in love with this song ever since I heard it several months ago. The sound of Little Lion Man reminded me so much of Great Big Sea (a popular, but not well-known, band from Canada) that I did a double-take when I heard it on satellite radio.

    Love it!

  3. Oh, my word...I LOVE it! It's right up my alley...I think I've found a new favorite band! Thanks for the introduction!

  4. I have been listening to that song for awhile now too - love it!

  5. I'm loving Little Lion Man..the music and the video are so captivating. Thanks for posting about them!

  6. You're so right. Great video & music. Thanks for posting.

  7. Amazing music. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "P.S. I love You"

  8. Best.Band.Ever.

    I wrote about them a few months ago with a link to all my favorites of theirs. Head on over and take a listen. I heart them.

  9. my friend introduced me to them a while back, love love!

  10. Oh look at this! This rarely happens: I did something right and get credit publicly! How wonderful indeed!

  11. YES!
    These fellas just might work their way into my everyday.
    Thank you!
    Thanks to you, Nate, too, I suppose:).

  12. I LOVE mumford and sons!! I'm so glad you posted the other two videos...I hadn't seen them yet. Seriously love me some British boys in vests. :)

    I'm a new follower of your blog btw, and just wanted you to know how much I love it!! I know I've found a great blog when I actually back and read through the archives...keep it up! :_

  13. Mumford and Sons is THE BAND! I love their music and I think that their album Sigh No More is a masterpiece!

  14. I love that song too, but it's the first time I'd seen the video. It's really great.

  15. Um loooooove it. You're right - the vests take it to a new level of hunky. Will be buying this!

  16. they're fantastic! I saw them on the first day of their new tour :) Possibly even better live...

  17. alaina: i LOVE m&s!

    we discovered them two years ago...

    we were living in edinburgh and some friends invited us to join them in a bar for a fundraising concert...

    after what felt like forever of wandering the streets looking for the bar, it turned out to be underground. and the concert was in the cave in the back, circa centuries ago.

    it was the lead singer of mumford who was performing - he was signing, strumming, hitting a drum and playing the harmonica all at one... i think he was friends with our friends and was staying in their flat and had agreed to do this fundraiser - they had just come back from being on tour in britain, but it was before they had become popular quite yet.

    sweaty, raw, deep. oh, we LOVED it.

    we promptly bought the first album and are still smitten.

    ah, white blank page. can you lie next to her and give her your heart as well as your folly? that song will forever take me back to our little stone flat in scotland...

    it's SO wonderful to read that the mumford love is spreading!




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