Thursday, October 21, 2010

one girl, her room || 10.21.10

The Girl: London fashion's newest It Girl. Her philosophy is to look chic by keeping it simple. She appreciates vintage glamour, a great pair of shoes, and dramatic black accents.
Her Room: Her rented Bloomsbury flat exudes an understated sense of femininity with its light palette. Her home is the quiet and the calm in her new busy lifestyle, so she prefers the decor to be simple and uncluttered. Of course if you look closely, you can spot subtle hints at her country upbringing.


  1. *Hearts* Vintage Glamour...

  2. Love Lara Stone in this shoot and your story fits perfectly with that apartment.

  3. Love the story - could be a great novel.

  4. Oh I love catching up on your posts! I've had no time to really enjoy my blog gals. I would love a white room like that with black accents. So beautiful. It makes me wish for a electric fence built inside to keep out the fiance and my puppies. They just don't understand the word White.



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