Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artist Snapshot: Emily Johnston Anderson Photography

I've been so privileged to work with photographer Emily Johnston Anderson twice now - once in Chicago and once in New York City. Emily requires hardly any equipment and shoots using the natural light of the space. She dodges around the room, snapping vignettes here and there, capturing every inch of the room. I think her photographs show the scope of her talent because not only is she an artist behind the lens, she's a brilliant stylist, as well. She recognizes how moving furniture an inch or two in either direction can completely alter the shot, or how placing an extra book or coffee cup in the shot adds character. It was like watching a magician - she can take something perfectly ordinary and make it beautiful with a click of a button.


  1. her shots are gorgeous! can't wait to look through the rest of her portfolio. thanks for sharing!

  2. its a beautiful home but gorgeous photography like this naturally enhances it!

  3. gorgeous home. gorgeous photography. interiors can be so tricky to photograph but she does it so well!

    love the vignettes and i agree - everything is styled so beautifully. off to check out her portfolio!

  4. Really lovely post, Alaina. Emily truly is so talented! I see her doing big things with her career in photography!

  5. I love the hudson bay blanket folded on the couch! I've been wanting a point blanket for ages. Is Emily Canadian by any chance?



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