Thursday, November 4, 2010

The House that Words Built

Graphic designers Michael Fusco and Emma Straub of M+E have sketched the homes of four renowned writers, listed below. Any of these limited addition screen prints would make a great gift for the literary buff in your life. Each print is 12.5x19", screen printed in two colors, and costs $20 plus shipping. If you purchase all four, you are given a $5 discount. Not too shabby.

And a big thanks to Jess of Makeunder My Life and JessLC jewelry for inviting me to share my 5 most important life intentions with everyone today! Please click on over and check it out!


  1. I am loving these prints! I really like the quality in the lines and the pop of color on each different house! Thanks for sharing these! Love them!

  2. Love these. I'm such a sucker for anything literary. I hope they do a few more though, as they look great in a grouping, but I'd feel like a poser with the Edward Gorey one as I've never actually read anything by him (and I've probably only read one short story by O'Connor). I love the simplicity of the drawings; they're not unlike yours!

  3. Wow! What talent. I just love those and love the historic significance to the lovely homes.



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