Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LCY Shops: Tommy Hilfiger Winter 2010

Bailey said it best in her comment on yesterday's post that the best part about the ad was that it actually made her want to buy Tommy Hilfiger products. I couldn't agree more! Successful advertisement, indeed. Here are a few of my favorite Hilfiger products for the season.

1. Chloe Coat | 2. Leather Driving Gloves | 3. Herringbone Patch Scarf | 4. Kathleen Tregging Pants | 5. Cropped Cowl Neck Sweater | 6. Suede Belt | 7. Billie Boot | 8. The New Tote


  1. Love the boots! Would looke great on you Alaina.

  2. Love the boots as well! They looks so warm and comfortable!

  3. This was a great campaign! I loved the tan skirt with the brown leather buckle in the ad, but the online version looks so short! I actually called customer service, and they said that they don't think the longer version ever went into production, darn!

  4. love that chloe coat, vests are my fav this season!

  5. I love preppy style. I don't dress that way too often, but I would like to a little more.



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