Thursday, November 18, 2010

one girl, her room || 11.18.10

The Girl: By the age of nine, she preferred cashmere to merino wool, Ladurée macaroons to chocolate chip cookies, and Manet over Monet. Most of her childhood was spent longing for weekend trips into the city with her mother where she was introduced to the fine culture and high society Paris had to offer.
Her Room: Now that she lives and studies in the city, she eagerly awaits for weekend trips home, where she'll get to sleep in her childhood room. She's comforted by the fact that it still looks exactly as it did when she was a little girl and told the decorator she wanted "pink everything!" Of course, for this blue-blooded five-year-old, "pink" resulted in custom window treatments, reupholstered family antiques, and D. Porthault linens.


  1. You always lead us to beautiful things. Love the linens.

  2. this is fun! she reminds me of Blair somehow :)

  3. i love these posts! you always hit it right on the mark!

  4. I love these series! Your comments on the girls are remarkable! Xoxo Maca



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