Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Treats in Three Parts

It's true what they say: some of the best gifts are homemade. Here I present a trio of Christmas sweet treats that I helped my mom gift wrap last week. The gift consists of equal parts homemade candied pecans, Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark (although this can easily be made at home), and homemade English toffee that my mom purchases from a woman in the town. It is hands down the best English toffee you've ever had, and Rebecca, the woman who makes it, will gladly ship it anywhere (see pricing below).

We purchased the plastic bags from the Container Store, divvied the candy up evenly, and tied them with green ribbon. One of each treat went into a gift bag, and voila! Christmas Cheer served up right.

As I mentioned above, I highly recommend ordering Rebecca's Toffee. It is a family favorite of ours, and my mom has to order an additional small box to prevent us from eating the toffee that's meant for gifts. It makes an excellent hostess gift or a tasty party favor. As I mentioned earlier, she ships anywhere.
You can also email Rebecca at rebeccastoffee@att.net

Two-pound box: $44
One-pound box: $22
Half-pound box: $12
Quarter-pound box: $9
*Small party favors: $5

*great for dinner parties or bridal and baby showers


  1. love the packaging! my manager made home-made trail mix in big glass containers! i thought it was such a unique idea!


  2. I love English toffee! Your gift bags are darling!




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