Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Worship at the Carrera Marble Altar

...and I am not referring to a bad hangover. I absolutely, positively adore carrera marble pedestal sinks with a polished nickel pipe base. Wow. Say that ten times fast.

I am currently campaigning for my mom to put one of these in the powder room of her new home. (Have I mentioned she's moving? No? Well, she is.) This post acts as visual evidentiary support for the case I am trying to make.

"But what about storage?" my mom asks.
"What do you store in a powder room?" I reply.
"Ya know... Kleenex, toilet paper, hand towels..." her voice trails off as she realizes she doesn't store much.

Well, Mom. The answer to your question lies in the photo below. An oversized basket and simple glass shelves should do the trick. A piece of furniture would also work. Look at that! Problem solved.

Have I convinced you yet?

I am pushing for Pottery Barn's option. If anyone can find a cheaper alternative, by all means, please send it my way!


  1. definitely a very sophisticated look, love the second one!

  2. There is NOTHING like trying to talk your mom into a FABULOUS design choice... haha! This is such a great, clean look- also, SO timeless! I agree with you- she has GOT to get some of that "awesomeness" in her new abode!

  3. SO pretty! A basket is definitely all you need to solve that storage problem!

  4. Well you know I am already on board with this because you have been to our casa, but in case your momma is reading...DO IT!! Just get a silver canister for extra TP and then you are good to go! So pure and so lovely!

  5. I completely agree. My HOME will have a bathroom shrined to this stuff!!! It is so icon and classic and will never go out of style! (I wish a bathroom like that would come live with me now!)


  6. I'm convinced! Now if I only had a powder room in need of a remodel. . . :)

  7. It really didn't take long - I am on board. This will definitely be in the powder room.

  8. I'd die for a piece of carrera in my house- bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Love it. Great inspiration.

  9. I LOVE art deco console sinks with marble tops, they are my favorites. And I am planning on putting one in a bathroom reno at my house now. I found great prices at Signature Hardware, they are about $300-$400 cheaper than Pottery Barn. And you can choose any top, granite, marble, etc.

    Here is a link for the 36" version. It depends on the space your mom has in her powder room.

    Good Luck.

  10. I love the clawfoot tub shower kit. This feels like a great blend of modern and vintage. My dream is to buy a run down home and turn it into something like this.



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